Pubs Protected In Law Change

After many years of CAMRA campaigning, English pubs can no longer be converted or demolished without planning permission.

Colin Valentine, CAMRA National Chairman, said, “After years of campaigning led by CAMRA’s membership, the Government has today announced a historic change in the law to protect all English pubs in the planning system.”

Previously, a loophole enabled developers to make fundamental changes to pubs at will. New law will not prevent the development of pubs but allows the pub’s community an opportunity to express their opinions as part of the planning application process.

In an email to CAMRA members, Valentine continued, “Although this change comes too late for the thousands of pubs already lost, it will be crucial to supporting all the great pubs which remain for generations to come.

“This is a huge win for pub goers and consumers and helps secure a thriving pub industry for all to enjoy.”

CAMRA Chief Executive, Tim Page, said, “This change delivers real and robust protection to valued community pubs, which previously have relied on communities going through the bureaucratic process of securing Asset of Community Value (ACV) listings, or local authorities choosing to use complex and obscure Article 4 directions.

“We will work with the Government to ensure these measures are implemented as soon as possible to allow pubs across England to start benefiting from the protection of the planning system.”

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