Making the most of Outdoor Dining opportunities

Outdoor Dining


Summer is upon us, and outdoor dining – a ‘hot trend’ according to MasterChef finalist John Calton – is hoped to attract more people than ever. With spending expected to increase by an average of 14.2% over the period, now is the time to get involved.

Operators can take full advantage of outdoor space by furnishing it with tables, chairs, and picnic benches. Outdoor seating can increase revenue by up to 30%, so the investment can be expected to pay off long-term.

With the arrival of summer comes a natural increase in beer intake. With an outdoor suntrap available, beer sales can increase by between 10 and 15%, making summer the perfect time to invest in beer mats, bar trays and quality plastic glassware. When the sun comes out to play, customers will too – and they will want to take their drinks with them.

Summertime provides plenty of opportunity to entertain, and venues should be looking to maximise sales by providing sun-starved Brits with beer garden space for all. To find out what Stephensons can do to help, download our outdoor dining report here or give us a call on 0161 483 625.