Victorinox: The Cutting Edge of Kitchen Knives

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Victorinox is renowned the world over for its craftsmanship. The companies’ quartet tagline of ‘Quality’, ‘Functionality’, ‘Innovation’ and ‘Design’ has spurred their business ethic for the past 130 years and with such a committed focus to fashioning perfect blades, it’s no wonder that the original Swiss army knife was a Victorinox invention.

Today, Victorinox are still known for their nifty multi-tool, but they’ve also gained a significant reputation for professional and commercial knives that has made them a favourite of expert chefs and home kitchen cooks alike.

Recently here at Stephensons, we were given a demonstration and talk by Victorinox employee & fourth generation butcher, Martin Schnellmann, who travelled all the way from Switzerland to Stockport to impart his knife-based knowledge and let us know why Victorinox is a cut above the rest… Sorry.

Why Do The Pros Choose Victorinox?

One of the first things Martin chose to emphasise was the continued use of Victorinox products by professional chefs. According to Martin, it’s the combination of “unique by-hand sharpening, hardening and polishing” as well as “the laser tested cutting angles” that make these Victorinox knives firm favourites. One major way that Victorinox ensures superior quality over competitors is through an on-site laboratory that tests products for durability, endurance and quality. Martin highlighted some key statistics from the lab that reflect this superiority:


Sharper than competitors


Longer lifespan

Competitors knives need sharpening more often


Cost-per-cut reduced by

Some other interesting facts:
  • Victorinox produces 160,000 knives every day
  • Because the knives stay sharper for longer, there is reduced risk of hand and wrist fatigue
  • 26 million knives a year come from Ibach HQ in Switzerland
  • Founded 133 years ago, Victorinox is still run today by the Elsner family

Top Tips
As a fourth generation butcher and a representative for Victorinox, Martin Schnellmann knows his knives. We asked him for some advice to give you the cutting edge in the kitchen. Click through the tabs below to read what he said: 
“A knife is a helper, not a weapon. A sharp knife won’t require too much strain to use, meaning you can handle it with calmness and precision. Choosing a good handle will help too. A fibrox handle has the benefits of non-slip safety, whereas a rosewood handle will over time adapt and form to fit the hand”
“If you’re using your knives a lot, obviously they need to be a sharp. As a butcher, we sharpen as often as once an hour during heavy usage times. If using a sharpening rod, a few swipes at a 20° angle will work to hone the blade.”
“If you want to be know how to really use a blade to its maximum potential, practice really does make perfect. Test different knives on different products and find out what works for you. You may find that something like a pastry knife is actually great for large fruits such as watermelon.”

“If you’re looking for an all-rounder in the kitchen, stick to the smaller knives such as the Santoku or chef variations. These are made to handle a wide range of tasks and are probably the easiest to master quickly.”

“If you’re going to be using a knife frequently and every day, getting to grips with a large knife is recommended. Make this knife your best friend and learn its intricacies. You will be rewarded.”

We couldn’t let Martin go without asking him what his favourite knife to use was, and his answer may surprise some…

“For me, it’s the pastry knife. I find it stays sharper longer, has a nice weight and the wavy edge always gives a satisfying cut. I’ve had my pastry knife for 20 years now and it’s still as good as it was the day I got it!”

Martin Schnellmann

4th Generation Butcher & Commercial Cutlery Sales Manager, Victorinox

Victorinox Pastry Knife

  • No-slip fibrox handle
  • Tempered steel
  • Retains sharpness for longer
  • Versatile and trustworthy
  • Serrated edge
  • 10″ / 26cm
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