If you’re in Blackpool, keep an eye out for Tram 66, a restored early 1900’s tram run by Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours and currently sponsored by Stephensons Catering Equipment Suppliers.

Stephensons catering equipment suppliers tram blackpool

2015 sees the Blackpool & Fleetwood Tramway reach 130 years of operation and Stephensons are proud be part of it by sponsoring Tram 66. Our sponsorship will go towards preserving the Blackpool Heritage Trams which are synonymous with the seaside resort and offer much enjoyment along the Blackpool coast.Stephensons catering equipment suppliers since 1868

Tram 66 usually travels between South Pier and North Pier, occasionally travelling to Fleetwood. Available for members of the public to take a trip on, this tram is among the largest heritage trams in Blackpool and is rotated with 15 others. Tram 66 can normally been seen on busy Friday and Saturday nights along the seafront and is especially popular during the Blackpool Illuminations.

Stephensons Catering Equipment Blackpool Tram

On Tuesday 30th July, Stephensons were invited to take a trip on Tram 66 from Blackpool to Fleetwood. Freshly labelled with Stephensons decals, Tram 66 looked magnificent and attracted the attention of all passers by.Stephensons catering equipment suppliers blackpool

Stopping at Fleetwood, Tram 66 was joined by its modern contemporary.Stephensons Blackpool Tram Catering Suppliers

The History Of Tram 66

Tram 66 was built in 1901 by English Electric in Preston for the tram service in Bolton. This tram was originally built with an open top. A roof cover was fitted in 1912 before a full roof was installed in 1933. The photo below shows Tram 66 in its original state.Stephensons Catering Equipment Suppliers Blackpool Tram

The tram was withdrawn in 1946 and became a holiday caravan in the Bolton area. In 1964 a group of enthusiasts, The 66 Group, restored Tram 66 to a static condition and later decided to rebuild the tram back to its original working state. The photo below shows the second tier of Tram 66 being restored.Stephensons Catering Equipment Blackpool Trams

Tram 66 was completed in 1981 and loaned to ‘Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours’ for six months. 34 years later, the tram is still on loan in Blackpool alongside 15 other trams.

Blackpool tram sponsored by Stephensons catering

If you are interested in seeing Tram 66 and the other Blackpool Heritage Trams, visit Fleetwood Tram Sunday on 19th July. The Blackpool Heritage Trams Facebook Page provides daily updates on which trams are running in Blackpool.Stephensons Catering Equipment Suppliers Blackpool

Special thanks to David Lloyd. Photography by Joe Savage.

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