The Last Straw: How a Change to Paper Will Help Your Business and the Environment

In the catering industry, straws are a pretty standard component of any establishment. From smoothies to shakes, punters tend to like a straw with a cold drink. The problem is though, these straws are most commonly made from plastic, which can take up to 500 years to break down. In fact, almost every single piece of plastic ever produced is still on the planet. Now, couple that information with the estimate that McDonalds customers in the UK alone throw away around 3.5 million straws daily and you can start to see the magnitude of the problem.

These straws don’t just go away, they unfortunately have to end up somewhere. And as we saw in the news a few years ago in the emotive video (Warning: Graphic content) of a turtle with a straw stuck in its nostril, that ‘somewhere’ often ends up being our oceans. In fact, plastic straws are listed amongst the Ocean Conservancy’s list of the top ten items found washed up on our beaches. Since that infamous turtle story, there have been more and more high-profile pieces that have highlighted the adverse affects of plastic in our ocean’s — notably a tragic scene in the most recent series of the BBC’s Blue Planet II where a mother blue whale continued to carry her dead calf across the ocean. As David Attenborough explained, the death was due to the toxicity of plastic waste in the ocean.

This continuing ‘bad press’ regarding the use of plastic and in particular single-use straws has resulted in many consumers expecting businesses to take an eco-friendly approach and stock sustainable, safe straws. In a direct response, some of the behemoths of different industries have already pledged to scrap the plastic straw including JD Wetherspoons, Diageo, Bacardi and fine dining group D&D London. It is inevitable that more brands and companies are set to join these names and ditch the straw. This means that if establishments do want to make straws available (which as an integral part of many drinks services and cocktail creations seems a wise move) they’ll need an eco-conscious alternative. There will be many customers who expect this, because as well all know — it’s not that easy to sip a milkshake!

Fortunately, Stephensons have just the solution with a new range of environmentally friendly paper straws that look the part and most importantly do the job. And rest assured that the effortless switch to a sustainable straw will have a huge impact — both on customer’s perception of your business and crucially on the continued future of our fragile ecosystem.

Eco-Friendly Black Paper Straw

These eco-friendly straws are made from a food grade paper that is fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.

With a 6mm bore and a stylish black finish, these versatile straws don’t look any different to their dangerous plastic counterparts and will suit a wide range of beverages from milkshakes to cocktails. Unlike other similar options, these paper straws are surprisingly strong and also very cost-effective — making it easier than ever to be eco-conscious.

Helping you save the environment, one straw at a time.

More colours available here!