Here at Stephensons, we know how important it is when it comes to plating up food and setting your dishes apart from the competition. An artistic layout of various foods on the plate plays a crucial role in winning over and satisfying diners.

Whether you are a gastro-pub, a modern cafe or a restaurant, when plating food the top consideration is coordination of colours, shapes, sizes, textures, and flavours, as well as a nice plate. A good choice is The Dudson Precision Range, as the pure whiteness of the fine china shows off food extremely well.

Slates are great for starters, canap├ęs and daintier dishes which you would expect to find in haute cuisine dining. They provide a blank canvas for chefs to be creative with their plating, whilst at the same time providing the perfect frame.

Accent pieces like wooden chopping boards are ideal for adding a bit of style to the more uninteresting dishes such as bread and butter.

Finally make sure the plate holds food comfortably; giving the perfect appearance that is not too overcrowded.