Stephensons catering equipment suppliers take a look at what makes the Zena Star Peeler legendary.

Legendary? OK, so it’s a big statement but one which is fully qualified! Available here at Stephensons, the world famous peeler is a heavy duty version of the original Rex peeler.

So what makes it legendary? Besides the ergonomic stainless steel handle, the hardened blue steel blade and the fact that it’s the sharpest peeler on the market, this humble little peeler has earned an honourable place in the Hall of Postal Fame. Back in 2004, the Swiss Post dedicated a new 15 centime stamp design to the Zena peeler.

The Zena peeler has come to be an embodiment of Swiss functional design and has been exhibited in the world’s most renowned museums, frequently featuring in art and design literature.

The original Rex peeler first made its debut in 1947 and was the brainchild of Alfred Neweczerzal. His invention went on to become a true design classic thanks to its practical, award winning form.

The Zena peeler decorated the 15 centime stamp in 2004.

The successful minimalist design incorporates a U-shaped aluminium handle with a pivoted sharp tempered steel blade and a side knife for cutting out potato eyes.

Rex’s big brother, the Zena Star peeler was later designed as a heavy duty version for professional catering use. The blades and ergonomics are identical to the Rex but the evolved peeler features a stainless steel handle, favoured among professional chefs.

Zena, the company behind this handy fruit and vegetable peeler, is based just outside of Zurich and manufacturers more than two million peelers a year, of which 60% are exported abroad.

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