This year’s 6 Nations tournament begins on 6th February and includes 5 weekends of exciting European rugby. What does the 2016 6 Nations mean for the catering and hospitality industry?

  • Catering and hospitality industry can expect lucrative 2016 6 Nations
  • Tournament starts on 6th February and lasts 5 weekends
  • Blog includes top tips for pubs and bars screening 6 Nations matches
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If the 2015 Rugby World Cup offers any indication of the success of the 2016 6 Nations on the UK’s catering and hospitality industry, then we’re in for a popular tournament.

CGA Peach’s BrandPulse survey showed that 1 in 6 British consumers watched a game during the first 2 weeks of the Rugby World Cup in a pub, bar or restaurant. Meanwhile, the CGA Peach Trading Index claimed the average bar had increased drink takings of more than £1,000 during the same period.

Before the 2015 Rugby World Cup, MatchPint reported that sports fans have a higher dwell time in bars and pubs than average customers. The report of 1,321 sports fans and 595 publicans ranked location, atmosphere and television screen size as the most important considerations in determining which venues to visit.

Venues that are able to screen live matches are sure to get trade around match time while food and accommodation venues will get increased business from the knock on effect of the 6 Nations.

As rugby fans travel across Europe to watch their teams play, accommodation providers, restaurants and other catering and hospitality businesses are also bound to profit.

6 Nations venues include Murrayfield in Edinburgh, the Aviva Stadium in Dublin, Principality Stadium (Millennium Stadium) in Cardiff, Twickenham Stadium in West London, Stade de France in Paris and Stadio Olimpico in Rome.

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Top 6 Nations Tips for Pubs and Bars

  1. Keep fans entertained early: The trick for maximising turnover for the 2016 6 Nations will be getting bums on seats for the early games. For example, on 19th March, all 6 teams are involved in matches: Wales play Italy, Ireland play Scotland and France play England. Early food and drink offers will convince fans to visit earlier and keep them in your establishment for up to 8 hours as they watch all 3 games. That time span includes 2 mealtimes and numerous drink opportunities.
  2. Quick service: There’s nothing worse than being in a busy bar or pub and having to wait a long time for food and drink. We recommend promoting drinks in jugs or 2 pint glasses, in the case of beer, to keep a drink in the customer’s hand and keep the bar clear. Provide foods that are quick and easy to serve, such as burgers and hot dogs. Increase revenue by relieving pressure on the bar; allocate staff to cleaning up glasses and plates and pre-empt a back log of dirty glassware by keeping emergency disposable glasses in reserve.
  3. Atmosphere: To build a reputation as a good venue to watch the 2016 6 Nations, atmosphere is key. The best way to create an enjoyable atmosphere is to get a good mixture of fans. If you can get different nationalities in your establishment then you will see healthy competition develop between the supporters. Attract a variety of fans by promoting the games with flags or A-frame chalkboards outside.
  4. Drinks variety: Former England international, Austin Healey, told the Morning Advertiser that rugby fans drink and spend more than other supporters but are also more civilised. Make the most of this with a diverse selection of drinks that ensures your appeal stretches to men and women of all ages. Traditional rugby fans will be attracted by real ales and stouts whilst deals on other drinks will expand the allure of your establishment. Consider serving a special ‘6 Nations Cocktail’ and include offers on soft drinks, spirits and even wine. The aim is to make sure everyone is included so that all parties are welcome to watch the games in your pub or bar.

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