Stephensons catering equipment suppliers are delighted to introduce Rational 5 Senses Self Cooking Centres. These appliances combine the benefits of conventional ovens, convection ovens and steamer ovens for all-in-one versatility. Rational 5 Senses have revolutionised commercial kitchens with their intelligence and ingenuity.


  • Rational 5 Senses Self Cooking Centres
  • Versatile ovens that combine the benefits of conventional ovens, convection ovens and steamer ovens
  • Revolutionary kitchen appliances from Rational
  • Rational 5 Senses from Stephensons catering equipment suppliers

Rational 5 Senses Ovens Self Cooking Centres


A result of more than 40 years of cooking research, the Rational 5 Senses range has been developed to meet the demands of chefs in commercial kitchens. Designed by food scientists, physicists, engineers and chefs themselves, Rational have created a revolutionary collection of catering ovens that offer unrivalled food quality, efficiency and intelligence.

The Rational 5 Senses range prepares food with the minimum of fuss by sensing, recognising, thinking, learning and communicating:

Senses: Rational 5 Senses ovens sense the current cooking cabinet conditions and the consistency of the food.
Recognises: These ovens are able to recognise the size of the food, load quantity and product condition to calculate browning.
Thinks: The Rational 5 Senses range thinks ahead to determine the ideal cooking path for your desired finished results.
Learns: Another fabulous feature of the Rational 5 Senses ovens is their ability to learn the users cooking habits and implement them.
Communicates: These ovens communicate with the user with live updates and information.

Rational 5 Senses have changed the entire landscape of commercial cooking; each unit can cook, roast, fry, steam, bake and much more:

Cooking: All the user has to do is select the food on the touch screen, load the product and the 5 Senses does the rest. There is no need to set the timer or temperature gauge as the Rationale 5 Senses automatically identifies the perfect conditions for the best results. These self cooking centres are easy and intuitive to use. With quick pre heating, the Rational 5 Senses ensure even cooking and perfect results every time. Drying out is prevented and shrinkage is reduced as moisture is not withdrawn from the food.

Roasting: Roasting is easy and efficient with the Rational 5 Senses Cooking Centres. In conventional ovens, part of the roast will inevitably be grey and wasted. In these 5 Senses ovens, the roast is consistent throughout with minimal shrinkage and tasty, moist results. Roasting can safely be left overnight and the Rational 5 Senses will identify the ideal environment for the best outcome.

Frying: Without the need for oil, Rational 5 Sense Self Cooking Centres are able to fry food with fantastic results. By channelling streams of hot air onto the food, these contemporary ovens offer a healthier and safer alternative to fryers. Without using oil, 5 Senses are able to fry without added fat or calories and save the user money. This feature makes Rational Self Cooking Centres a particularly popular choice in schools and nursing homes where healthier foods are an important consideration. This oven is able to fry French fries, onion rings, spring rolls and much more.

Steaming: Steaming is faster than boiling and keeps vitamins and minerals locked into foods. Rational 5 Sense ovens are able to steam several vegetables at the same time without flavour transfer. Vegetables on separate trays can have different steaming conditions without affecting any of the others. Steaming in the Rational 5 Senses Cooking Centres is suitable for all kinds of vegetables and creates fantastic results every time.

Baking: You would not be surprised to hear that baking is another application within the remit of the Rational 5 Senses range. Great for baking sweet or savoury foods, these self cooking centres are great for bread, cookies, croissants and anything else. Guaranteeing consistent browning, baking trays do not even need turning.Rational 5 Senses Self Cooking Centres

As well as fulfilling almost every kitchen need, Rational 5 Senses also clean themselves! CareControl technology identifies how dirty the appliance is and uses the perfect amount of cleaner to regain sparkling glory. This task can even be undertaken overnight to ensure maximum efficiency during work hours.

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