In the spotlight: Polyscience smoking gun

The revolutionary handheld smoking gun is available at Stephensons catering equipment suppliers.

If, like us foodies, you were up Saturday morning watching the BBC’s Saturday Kitchen, you will have seen Chef, James Martin use a curious piece of kitchen equipment to gently smoke lobster.

The dish, warm smoked lobster salad with radish, and a lime vanilla mango dressing was, overseen by British singer-songwriter and actress Paloma Faith. In her usual eccentric style and as she waved away excess smoke, Paloma asked James where a smoker could be bought from. Slightly startled and in true live TV style, James quickly threw a vague reply back, ‘err – a shop, the internet!’ At this point our Customer Services Manager, Peter Crossen, was shouting Stephensons at his TV. And no, Paloma, it’s not complicated at all!

In fact, with the Polyscience handheld smoker you can quickly finish foods with natural cool smoke and create a whole host of amazing flavours. In comparison to traditional smokers, which use heat and require a long smoking time, this smoking gun results in a lighter infusion and / or a subtle finish of smoke. This smoker is perfect for smoking food such as meat, fish, vegetables and even delicate foods such as cheese and butter.

Here at Stephensons, we also supply a wide range of smoking wood chips to enhance a variety of food with a natural smoked flavour. Choose from Oak, Alder Wood, Apple Wood, Hickory Wood, Mesquite Wood, Cabinet Barrel and Bourbon soaked wood chippings.

The smoking gun is also great at the bar for adding cool smoke for dramatic cocktail presentation; take a look at our Science cocktail glasses for inspiration!

Go to the BBC Food Recipes website for the full list of ingredients and the preparation method of James Martin’s warm smoked lobster salad.

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