• Naturally Med, supplier of olive wood bowls, boards and dishes, have permanently closed
  • We wish Naturally Med staff and management the best of luck in their future endeavours
  • Stephensons will continue to sell the Naturally Med Olive Wood range
  • We will now import directly- products remain the same and made to the highest standards

Naturally Med Olive Wood Bowls, Olive Wood Boards, Olive Wood

At the end of last year our olive wood supplier, Naturally Med, permanently closed. Naturally Med have been a fantastic supplier to Stephensons for over 5 years and we wish their staff and management the best of luck in their future endeavours.

Stephensons still supply Naturally Med Olive Wood products.

View the Stephensons Naturally Med Olive Wood range here.

Since the closure of Naturally Med, we have reached an agreement to import the olive wood range directly. The Naturally Med Olive Wood collection has been a favourite among our customers over the past 5 years and we strive to meet their needs by upholding the same product selection and quality.

Naturally Med Olive Wood products are perfect for both domestic kitchens and for commercial use in the catering and hospitality industry. Recognisable because of its natural grain and pattern, olive wood creates beautifully unique products that are rarely the same. Each piece has its own personality and characteristics which add to the rustic allure of the collection.

Naturally Med Olive Wood is extremely practical, durable and hygienic. These products are hard wearing, resilient and have high antibacterial properties which make them ideal for serving food. The natural oil content in the wood kills bacteria and prevents unhygienic build up. As such, olive wood products are naturally more hygienic than other wood or plastic alternatives.

Alongside their practicality, Naturally Med Olive Wood products also look superb. Featuring unique shaping, free form designs and individual wood markings, olive wood products are sure to enhance tabletop presentation.The current trend for serving food in innovative and eye-catching ways has seen olive wood boards take centre stage.

Naturally Med Olive Wood is ethically sourced and produced; no living trees are destroyed for the creation of these products and only branches which no longer produce fruit are used.

The Stephensons olive wood collection is available to view and purchase online.