Set lunchtime roast menu + free champagne + children eat free= Mother’s Day success! Read on to find out why…

  • The importance of Mother’s Day for restaurants and pubs
  • Top tips for making the most of Mother’s Day in the catering and hospitality industry
  • Mother’s Day 2016 is on 6th March
  • Blog by Stephensons catering equipment suppliers

In 2015, Maggi revealed that over half of adults take their Mums out for a meal on Mother’s Day.

Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) also conducted research into Mother’s Day behaviours; from the 1,000 people they quizzed, 54% said they eat out on Mother’s Day.

As well as being a popular day for eating out, Mother’s Day attracts larger parties than normal. UFS Pub Expert, Chris Barber said, “We’ve found that more than half of those who eat out on Mother’s Day were in a group of five or more, and 63% chose a lunchtime menu.

“With most people wanting to eat within the space of just a few hours, it’s important that publicans are geared up to turn as many big tables in as tight a window as possible, without rushing their guests.”

  • 54% of people eat out on Mother’s Day
  • 48% want a set menu
  • 40% say a roast is the perfect Mother’s Day meal
  • 63% of those eating out dine at lunchtime              UFS Pub How to Guide for Mother’s Day

Going out for a meal on Mother’s Day is cherished by Mums across the UK. Research from Cussoms Mum & Me shows that Mums rank being taken out for a meal 3rd on their list of important things they want to do on Mother’s day (behind spending time with their children and spending the day out with their family). Indeed, Mums ranked being taken out for a meal as more important than having a lie in and seeing their own Mothers.avebury red crockery mothers day pubs restaurants

There is no doubting the lucrative potential of Mothers Day for pubs and restaurants, but what can be done to attract families on this special day?

When choosing where to eat on Mother’s Day, The Help Desk have revealed that 48% of people are tempted by set menus, 37% are tempted by free champagne and 15% look for establishments where children can eat for free.

Interestingly, a roast is the most popular Mother’s Day meal for both Maggi and UFS survey respondents. According to Maggi, 90% of adults are likely to celebrate Mother’s Day with a roast and 40% of UFS respondents would choose a roast as their ideal Mother’s Day meal.

Tips for pubs and restaurants on Mother’s Day:

  • Create a set menu to keep operations simple and quicken turnover
  • With most people aiming to eat in the early afternoon, have pre-arranged seating times to fit in as many groups as possible
  • People eat out in larger groups on Mother’s Day so rearrange tables to accommodate 4 or more seats
  • Shout about your Mother’s Day promotions on social media ahead of the big day
  • Use an A-frame board and signage to promote your offerings