Catering equipment suppliers, Stephensons offer a wide range of quality disposable plastic glasses for amazing low prices!

OK let’s be honest it was a wash-out bank holiday weekend but it’s still August (just) and, according to the latest media reports, summer is set to make a brief return thanks to Hurricane Cristobal which will see a burst of warm air from the Caribbean.

Now that summer is back on the cards, with warmer weather returning at the start of September, you might want to stock up on those all important disposable plastic glasses!

Here at Stephensons, we stock and supply a wide range of plastic glassware and disposable glasses which are perfect for busy bars and pubs. As a trusted supplier of disposable glassware, we distribute affordable, quality plastic glasses to large organised events and venues across the country. 

Come rain or shine, plastic glasses offer a safe, practical and convenient alternative to traditional glassware. But surely, I hear you ask, a plastic glass is a plastic glass, right? Wrong. How many times have you split your beer by simply trying to hold your plastic beer glass? How many times have your plastic glasses split and cracked only to render them useless? It’s all to do with the quality.

We’ve been hard at work, stringently testing out a wide range of beer glasses and other disposable plastics to ensure that we are able to offer quality, style and great value. Check out this video to see what we found and why we would suggest the Cryovac disposable plastic pint glass offers the best value without compromise on quality – a small amount of beer was consumed in the making of this video, for testing purposes of course!

And for when a pint just isn’t enough, this two pint reusable plastic tumbler should keep your customers happy with fewer trips to the bar!

If, however, it’s a premium plastic glass that you’re after it just has to be a Katerglass disposable plastic glass, available in a range of sizes. Injection moulded, these disposable glasses are extremely rigid for a secure hold.

If you need further help and advice in choosing the right glassware solution for your bar, pub or party, contact our Customer Services team on 0161 483 6256. Don’t forget to like our facebook page and to follow us on twitter to keep up to date with the latest industry news, products and offers.