The traditional dimpled pint glass has today made the headlines, Stephensons catering equipment suppliers explains why.

It’s true that this once hugely popular beer glass came close to extinction, with the last factory to make the handled beer glass closing in 2001. Pubs and bar opted for straight beer glasses such as the conical, nonic and tulip which are designed specifically to enhance lager and are much easier to stack and store!

Today, BBC News published: “Visit in your mind the fictional British pubs of the 1980s – the Woolpack in Emmerdale, the Rovers Return in Coronation Street. Someone orders a pint of bitter at the bar. What is it served in? A glass tankard. With handle. And distinctive dimples.”

Now though, the dimpled glass has made a reappearance in pubs across the country. We’ve noticed the growing trend develop over several years now, owing to the surging popularity of real ale. In fact, all the way back in 2012 we posted Britannia Dimple Tankards Make A Comeback to the Stephensons blog, with a report from CAMRA shining a light on the independent pub industry which forecast the future of the UK brewery sector.

Manager at the Shacklewell Arms in Dalston, east London, Rose Dennen said: “It’s not old men with flat caps and whippets drinking out of dimple glasses, now you’ve got hipsters, girls in skinny jeans and fashionable Ts, drinking craft beer. There’s an appropriation of the traditional by the hipster culture. There are so many beards in Dalston, and they do love a dimple.

“There’s a huge array of stemmed glassware in Belgium, Germans have the beer stein, and the British have dimpled pint pots – it’s a nice iconic British tradition to hold on to. They also have a really lovely feel when you put them down on a beer mat – they are solid and reassuringly comforting.”

Flick over to page 271 in the new Stephensons catalogue, and you’ll see that we’ve added a number of new beer tankards to this years’ collection. In addition we’ve now also added polycarbonate dimpled glasses to the range, which are ideal for outdoor summer events and the imminent 2014 World Cup!

Moving away from beer, glass tankards are also great for cocktails too, increasingly bars are adopting handled glassware and dimpled beer glasses for serving cocktails. Then there’s Henry Stephenson’s favourite product from this year’s range; a trendy take on the traditional handled glass – it’s the ultra-cute mini handled shot glass!

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