Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, now has its own celebratory week- Breakfast Week.

  • Breakfast Week 2016 lasts for 7 days between 24th and 30th January
  • Eating out for breakfast is an ever-growing trend
  • Beacon report ‘breakfast boom’
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Last year, Beacon Purchasing reported a ‘breakfast boom’ and claim Britons spend £76 million every day eating out for breakfast or brunch and 80% of Brits consider breakfast to be the most important meal of their day.

The survey of 2,000 people shows that 1 in 3 people eat breakfast out of their home at least once a week and 15% (9.1 million people) do so everyday.

The average spend of people eating breakfast outside the home is £7.31 and the percentage of people eating out for breakfast grew by 5% between 2014 and 2015.

Emma Warrington, Senior Buyer at Beacon, said, “Our customers are telling us that healthier options at breakfast are hugely popular, with 81% of those asked telling us that they have seen a real increase in the popularity of healthy options at breakfast over the past 12 months.”

The increasing popularity of breakfast is undeniable and so too is the expanding breakfast variety.

Naturally Med Olive Wood- Breakfast Week 2016In recent years, the general diversity of breakfast options has grown considerably; options go beyond porridge, cereal, toast or eggs. Restaurants are experimenting with ingredients, flavours and textures to offer unique and exciting breakfast menus.

Hickory’s Smokehouse epitomise breakfast variety with a menu that includes milkshakes, waffles, smoothies, eggs, pancakes and everything else imaginable.

We tweeted Hickory’s Smokehouse to ask their recommendation for Breakfast Week 2016 and they suggested their Chicken Fried Waffles. Chicken AND waffles?! That’s right! Hickory’s have teamed up fried chicken with waffles, bacon and maple syrup and apparently it’s delicious.

Meanwhile, the Beacon Purchasing Report claims that 65% of people choose the Full English when ordering breakfast. Emma Warringon of Beacon said, “Overall, we’re traditionalists at heart and the English cooked breakfast resigns supreme.”

Whether you’re a catering company trying new and exciting breakfasts or you prefer to stick to the classics, Breakfast Week 2016 is a great opportunity to celebrate Britain’s favourite meal.

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