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2015 has left us with some great memories: we saw Queen Elizabeth become the longest reigning UK monarch, we passed the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown visited in Back to the Future II and the nation was gripped by The Great British Bake Off as Nadiya Hussain claimed the crown.

However, unlike Marty and Doc, we don’t have a time travelling DeLorean to foresee the 2016 food trends. Fortunately for us we have the opinions of some food industry specialists to guide the way.

Food Trends 2016- Stephensons

  • 2016 Food trends

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The Delivery Revolution

Forbes predict the growth of online and mobile food ordering. UK apps such as Deliveroo and Just Eat combine the quality of dine-in food with the convenience of delivery; consumers are able to order food from their favourite restaurants and have it delivered to their homes. Forbes have also identified the threat of app-only services which could eliminate the need for restaurants. App-only services, such as Munchery, deliver restaurant quality food from a commissary and remove the need for an actual restaurant.

Artificial: Public Enemy No.1

Mintel’s Global Food & Drink Trends 2016 says that consumers are demanding less processed food with recognisable ingredients and natural formulations. Companies will forced to remove artificial ingredients from their menus or face intense public scrutiny.

Fast Food

Big Hospitality claim that premium fast food will grow increasingly popular and become one of the 2016 food trends. Consumers in the UK have developed a passion for upscale fast food, as illustrated by the success of Five Guys, MEATliquor and Shake Shack. This trend is expected to develop even further as fast food giants McDonalds and KFC introduce superior burger ranges. Collaborations between top chefs and fast food establishments are projected to grow too; collaborations have already become the norm in New York and California where top chefs are bringing a better class of fast food to the masses.

Churchill Stonecast Crockery- 2016 Food TrendsPasta Sell By Date

International Food Consultants, Baum & Whiteman, say that pasta sales have dropped 13% in Europe during the past 5 years with quinoa, chickpeas, lentils, barley, spelt and chia offered as nutritious alternatives. Chefs are experimenting with vegetable ribbons instead of making pasta and use sweet potato, asparagus or beets to make pasta-like shapes.

Souping Is The New Juicing

The Food People say that consumers’ love of juicing will go even further with the development of souping. Juices are popular because they offer nutrients and vitamins in an easy package. Much like juices, healthy soups have high nutritional value and endless health benefits, plus soup is filling and tasty!

Sharing Is Caring

Jesse Dunford Wood, Chef-Owner of Parlour in Kensal Rise, told the Morning Advertiser that sharing food is on the rise and will definitely be one of the 2016 food trends. The gastropub owner said that ‘commensality’ (the act of eating together) will become increasingly popular as consumers shun tasting menus and small plates in favour of sharing larger portions. Wood said, “Tasting menus are getting a bit tired and small plates is one thing, but sharing is another.”

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