Kilfolk is a cult movement that encourages its followers to shun the baggage of their busy lives in favour of simpler, plainer lifestyles. In the catering and hospitality industry, kinfolk is recognisable by its blend of Nordic style and simple rusticity.

Kinfolk has a strong social media presence, especially on the likes of Instagram and tumblr, where people share artistic pictures of retro cars, round rimmed spectacles and white framed bicycles under the kinfolk theme. Interestingly food and drink have a prominent place within kinfolk; many kinfolk-style pictures are of latte art, ice cream and snacks.

Kinfolk has a growing following throughout the catering and hospitality industry as restaurants, bars and cafes embrace the trend. So, what does kinfolk look like?

In its simplest form, kinfolk consists of plain white crockery, simply shaped cutlery and an otherwise sparse tabletop. The most prominent colours of this theme are white, grey, light brown and variations on these shades. However, dashes of rural colours are also acceptable in small quantities, such as subtle red, blue and yellow.

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Kinfolk-style crockery brings rustic, understated styles to the tabletop. Ranges such as Dudson Evo, Churchill Stonecast and Steelite Craft epitomise the kinfolk theme with their earthy colourways and simple silhouettes.

Although white, beige and light brown colours are normally associated with kinfolk, this trend also encourages dashes of colour. Colourful crockery can be used as the centrepiece of a kinfolk tabletop, although its surroundings should be modest and plain.

For example, the Churchill Stonecast range offers colours such as Spiced Orange, Cornflower Blue and Mustard Seed Yellow. These colours have been inspired by the changing seasons and are in keeping with kinfolk but should be accompanied by modest cutlery and an otherwise stark tabletop.

Understated ranges such as Dudson Curve, Art de Cuisine Menu, Steelite Simplicity and Porcelite Squared provide a clean and minimalist palette to meet the kinfolk trend whilst also expressing style and subtle flair. White crockery with clean shapes typify kinfolk’s notion of style and quality without being overbearing.

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Sides and Food Presentation

Establishments that embrace kinfolk often combine their crockery with wooden tableware and unique side dishes. Wood has its place within kinfolk as a rural, organic way to present food. For example, Churchill’s Art de Cuisine collection of deli boards, crates and paddles combine stylishly with modestly coloured tableware to express kinfolk on the tabletop.

Meanwhile, Churchill Bit On The Side Plant Pots are the ideal base for serving sides, nibbles and desserts to suit kinfolk-style establishments; their earthy colourways and understated quirkiness are the perfect base to suit this trend. Naturally Med olive wood boards and bowls also compliment the kinfolk style with their organic appearance and subdued style.

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Drink Presentation

Hot drink glasses are a stylish and unassuming way to serve tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Without an overpowering tabletop presence, Double Walled Coffee Glasses certainly meet the requirements of kinfolk. Their subtle shaping and handsome style offer a sophisticated platform for serving hot drinks without demanding attention.

Alternatively, the Avebury Stoneware range exudes homely charm and Avebury Mugs are a stylish and understated drink option. This collection features a simple, traditional design that expresses kinfolk style for hot and cold drinks alike.

For cold drinks, unassuming glassware, such as items in the Duralex range, are great for sophisticated and simple presentation that suits this trend.

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A kinfolk tabletop should feature unfussy, high quality cutlery that does not distract from the subdued theme. In keeping with the unassuming style of kinfolk, ranges such as Churchill Sola Durban and Artis Chatsworth offer uncomplicated cutlery options. Collections in the Pintinox stone washed range have a rustic, vintage feel that also epitomise kinfolk-style.