Picture the scene…. you’ve just finished a lovely meal and a fantastic bottle of wine and now it’s time to bring out the coffee.

After dinner coffee is the perfect end to any meal, as the stimulating property of heat that coffee has is a beneficial digesting agent that allows the body to breakdown food. Coffee is the last impression that you can make on your customers, so be sure to serve it right.

Below we have provided our top tips on the perfect after dinner coffee:

  • Once your customers have finished their desserts, take this opportunity to describe the different coffees on the menu and how each is made, highlighting the variety available to them
  • Remind guests that coffee liqueur is also an option, as this can often be forgotten
  • Remember coffee is served on the right side of the guest and the teaspoon is placed on the right side of the cup
  • Present sugar in a sugar bowl, and be sure to serve sugar cubes with sugar tongs. Provide an assortment of white, brown and cane sugar
  • Offer your customers either cream or milk, and be sure to serve these in a milk jug, either a stainless steel milk jug or a china milk jug
  • Remember to offer a second cup of coffee to your customers and if an espresso is ordered, always offer to make it a double