The Steelite Craft collection was showcased by Stephensons at the Caffé Culture Show last month and proved to be popular amongst hospitality businesses looking for fresh ideas.

The Craft collection is inspired by traditional craft potters of years gone by and offers a unique dining experience. The natural warmth of Craft is created with beautiful lustrous glazes applied by hand that react in the Kiln, giving naturally occurring patterns and a distinct appearance.

The new range is available at Stephensons in blue, green, brown, terracotta and grey, new for 2013 and trending according to leading experts in the catering and hospitality industry.

The natural colours compliment the simple designs of the plates, bowls, cups and cookware in the Craft collection.

What’s more, all items in the Craft collection are covered by a lifetime edge-chip warranty, an assurance of long term performance and reliability.