The 4th July, a date mostly associated with Independence Day, is set to share the spotlight with National Caesar Salad Day this year!

A classic recipe originating in 1924 (the year Stephensons turned 56!), the salad has become popular as both a side dish and a main course.  Here at Stephensons catering equipment, we’re celebrating by sharing some top tips on how to make the perfect Caesar salad:

There are a surprising number of salad greens available nowadays. Whilst the Caesar salad itself is quite a simple dish, your choice of greens can add great character to it. Mixing aggressive greens with sweeter greens will entice the palette – and tearing your greens as opposed to cutting them with a knife will prevent premature browning.

One of the most difficult things to perfect when making a Caesar salad is striking the balance between dressing and lettuce. To avoid your salad becoming too soggy or bland, make your dressing in a separate bowl, adding it in a little at a time until the desired moistness has been achieved.  The lettuce should only be lightly coated in sauce.

Using good quality croutons will make a huge difference. Larger supermarkets will often sell croutons made specifically for Caesar salads. If you’d prefer to make your own croutons – you can do so by cubing some homemade bread, drizzling it with oil and baking it at around 180 degrees.

Keep it simple!
The great thing about Caesar salad is that there are limitless variations. Adding ingredients such as grilled poultry, shellfish, anchovies, bacon or cheese can totally transform your dish. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but remember the beauty of the Caesar salad is its simplicity – something which could be compromised by adding too many ingredients.