Our sales representatives were this morning taking a look at the latest crockery ware from Churchill China, following Churchill’s What’s New Summer 2013 launch.

Sales Reps at Stephensons take a look at the latest additions from Churchill China.

A Blue revival is set to sweep the catering and hospitality industry according to Wes Cookson, Sales Representative at Churchill China.

Following on from this latest trend, Churchill have launched a Retro Blue crockery collection as part of their What’s New For Summer 2013 launch.

The enamel-look white and blue ware is currently made-to-order on Churchill’s popular Evolve cookware and new Bubble shapes, making this range completely unique.

Wes Cookson said: “Retro Blue is a rimless rustic design with all of the benefits of the Churchill super vitrified body.

“This nostalgic ware is extremely fitting for rustic dining environments such as country pubs, for example.”

Head of New Product Development, Vanessa Carter said: “The new Retro Blue is perfect for summer dining highlighting fresh ingredients, street-side cafés and also the revival of traditional Great British dishes.

“Taking a trend such as the retro enamelware we have created a version which caters for back of house durability and food-safety issues as well as the clean modern shapes and bold blue freshness of the band.”

What’s New For Summer 2013 has seen a number of new collections and additions to existing Churchill ware.

Super vitrified Bubble and Retro Blue have been launched for the summer whilst Bamboo, Profile and Vintage Prints have all seen new additions to the existing collection.

For more information on the latest crockery collections and availability contact Stephensons catering equipment suppliers on 0161 483 6256.