Hot Off The Press: 2014 Stephensons Catalogue

Hot Off The Press: 2014 Stephensons Catalogue

Catering equipment suppliers, Stephensons has officially launched their 2014 catalogue.

That’s right, we’ve received a very special delivery indeed. Freshly printed, our brand new free catering equipment catalogue is now available for you to pick up from our showroom, cash and carry!

The new catalogue is jam packed with 8,394 lines, many of which are brand new for 2014. Inside, you will find plenty of new ranges from all of the key tableware and glassware manufacturers including Arc, Artis, Churchill, Dudson, Porcelite, Steelite, Utopia and Villeroy & Boch.

Managing Director, Henry Stephenson said: “The team has worked incredibly hard to put together what I believe to be our best catalogue yet, and we are all excited about formally launching it to the catering world.

“We source our products from around the world and deal directly with leading manufacturers to ensure that we are the first to market with the very latest products, all of which are subject to stringent testing to ensure that they are fit for purpose and offer the best cost in use for your business.”

The special edition catalogue, celebrating Michael Stephenson’s 50th year in the business, now also includes a general introduction to branded crockery ware, highlighting the key product features to help customers choose with confidence.

Our tableware collection has dramatically increased since last year’s catalogue with plenty of new inspiring food presentation ideas!

Woodware has seen a number of new ranges including signage, American Oak boards, Olive wood, salt and pepper mills and miniature display pieces.

We must also mention Henry Stephenson’s personal favourite from the new catalogue: Mini Handled Jar Shot Glass. Well, they are rather cute!

Our new lines have already proved to be hugely popular following last week’s Northern Restaurant & Bar. Check out this blog post to find out the top ten most popular tableware products and catering equipment from the exhibition.

Existing customers will receive their copy of the new catalogue shortly. New customers can request a copy here or pick one up from our catering equipment showroom, cash and carry in Stockport.

For more information, contact us on 0161 483 6256 and don’t forget to follow us on twitter (@HGStephenons) and like us on facebook.

Now Stocking Robert Welch Catering Equipment

Now Stocking Robert Welch Catering Equipment

As an innovative catering equipment supplier we are pleased to report that we now stock a wide range of Robert Welch cutlery, chef’s knives, and kitchen utensils at Stephensons.

Each item has been carefully designed and crafted to the highest standards, creating a contemporary and minimal range of high quality pieces.

From the Rushan Tea Strainer and Bowl to the Drift Tea Light HolderRobert Welch is among some of the most beautiful pieces in our catering equipment showroom.

Specially designed to enhance daily cooking tasks, Robert Welch kitchen utensils are both strong and durable.

Innovative designs include the Signature knife drawer unit, ideal for storing knives safely, and a hand-held knife sharpener, featuring a solid plastic handle with a weighted non-slip base.

We also have an exquisite selection of Robert Welch cutlery boasting the key attributes of design, balance, weight, function and durability.

Widely recognised as one of the finest collections in the world, Robert Welch cutlery features a lifetime guarantee.

Based in the Old Silk Mill in the Cotswold town of Chipping Campden, Robert Welch Designs has been designing unique products for over five decades.

Inspired by the Cotswold scenery, Robert Welch was one of Britain’s most respected and prolific designer craftsmen.

Come along to our catering equipment showroom in Stockport, near Manchester, to view our selection of Robert Welch products.

For more information contact us on 0161 483 6256 and be sure to follow @HGStephensons and like our facebook page for more of the latest catering supplies.

Steelite Craft White Crockery Range

Steelite Craft White Crockery Range

As an innovative catering equipment supplier we are proud to announce that Steelite Craft White is now available.

Craft White is the latest colour to be added to the Steelite Craft collection and is designed to complement the existing TerracottaBrownBlueGreen, and Grey, Craft colours.

Described by Steelite International as contemporary and timeless, traditional and edgy, Craft White embodies a contemporary expression of heritage inspired, authentic, hand decorated ware. A pure white glaze is individually applied, leaving subtle tell-tale signs of the crafts-person’s artistry. Reactive firing effects enrich the surface texture and contrast beautifully with the pristine whiteness of the underlying glaze.

Craft White can be intermixed with any of the Craft colours to create a truly unique and individual crockery collection.

Steelite International Marketing Director, Heather Lovatt said: “Our researchers tell us that catering establishments require crockery which will deliver a meal and create an atmosphere to suit the characteristics of individual pubs, bars and restaurants.

“You can dramatically enhance your food presentation by adding just one Craft piece to your plain white crockery. The beauty of Craft crockery is that you do not have to buy into a complete range. You can actually take a plain white plate from Freestyle or Taste and mix it with any of the coloured pieces from Craft.

“You don’t have to invest into a complete concept, instead simply add hotspots of colour and serve signature pieces on Craft to add exclusivity to your food presentation.”

Part of the Steelite Performance range, Craft crockery is highly strong and durable and is covered with a lifetime edge chip warranty. As with all Performance ware, the Craft collection is oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe. This collection also benefits from thermal shock resistance, glaze damage resistance, stain resistance, heat and chill resistance.

Come along to our catering equipment showroom to see the new Craft range; be inspired by the lustrous glazes and intermix the different colours and ranges for yourself to create the ideal tabletop collection for your establishment.

For more information contact us on 0161 483 6256 and don’t forget to follow @HGStephensons and like us on facebook for more innovative catering equipment.

Stephensons Launch Christmas Catering Equipment Range

Stephensons Launch Christmas Catering Equipment Range

Christmas Catering Equipment From StephensonsChristmas catering equipment: Following a fantastic summer, restaurants and bars in Manchester are now turning their attention to Christmas, with many of our local customers reporting a high volume of advanced Christmas bookings.

Click here to view the full 2015 Stephensons Christmas catering equipment range

The news comes following the 2013 launch of our online Christmas shop, where you will find inspiration for Christmas table settings and a fantastic selection of Christmas crackers, Christmas napkins, Christmas candles and Christmas partyware, including a wide range of Duni Christmas products.

As an established distributor of catering equipment, we are proud to supply many of Manchester’s top bars and restaurants, many of which have reported high volumes of advanced Christmas bookings.

The Red Hot World Buffet first took calls for Christmas bookings in June, and are expecting record numbers at their venue this year.

It was reported in the Manchester Evening News that the Mark Addy has already taken between 150-200 bookings for the Christmas period.

General Manager Keran Douglas-Clark said: “We had our first requests for Christmas menus in July, and I’ve fired out quite a few already. We actually open on Christmas Day and serve a wonderful Christmas dinner, and this year we have got six or seven booked in already.”

A spokesman for San Carlo said: “San Carlo always gets fully booked early on and we’re not far off now with many companies, couples and families who dined with us last year making repeat reservations for this year.”

According to the MEN, over 120,000 revellers packed into Manchester on Mad Friday last year, the end of the working week before Christmas day, generating an estimated £6m for the city centre economy.

Whether you are a restaurant, hotel, pub or canteen, ensure you are prepared for the high turnover Christmas season.

Click here to view the full 2015 Stephensons Christmas catering equipment range

Churchill China Retro Blue – The Latest Collection to Embrace the Enamelware Trend

Churchill China Retro Blue – The Latest Collection to Embrace the Enamelware Trend

New for this season and now available on our website, Churchill China has launched a new Retro Blue collection.

As an innovative catering equipment supplier we are always excited to bring you brand new ideas, fresh inspiration and the latest trends in the catering and hospitality industry.

We are currently seeing a big demand and growing trend to embrace the past with a revival of retro enamelware, popular for its classic design and fresh appearance.

With this in mind Churchill China has now introduced a new crockery range, embracing the essence of the clean and simple effect of enamel but rendering it upon to a super vitrified body.

What has transcribed is a beautiful new ceramic line with the ultimate marriage of retro and modern tableware.

Retro Blue has brought ceramic lines to life with a band of cobalt blue on soft coupe shapes.

Head of New Product Development at Churchill China, Vanessa Carter said: “Taking a trend such as the retro enamelware we have created a version which caters for back of house durability and food-safety issues as well as the clean modern shapes and bold blue freshness of the band.”

This new Churchill China collection delivers a fresh concept without compromising durability and functionality.

The super vitrified body is renowned for its superior strength and outstanding performance and what is more, many pieces in Retro Blue feature a Churchill Five Year Edge Chip Warranty.

For prices and further information please go to our Churchill Retro Blue page or contact our customer service team on 0161 483 6256.

Monin Syrup – Add Sophistication And Variety To Your Drinks Menu

Monin Syrup – Add Sophistication And Variety To Your Drinks Menu

As an innovative, modern catering equipment distributor we are proud to announce that we now stock and supply a range of Monin Syrups.

You may have noticed that last week, in our excitement, we posted a snap of our freshly delivered batch of Monin syrup flavourings onto facebook and twitter.

Crafted from natural ingredients and made with pure cane sugar, this range of syrups are not only tasteful but incredibly versatile: in sophisticated cocktails, flavoured sodas, flavoured coffees and teas, milkshakes, smoothies and even in cooking.

With over 100 years of experience, Monin has become the first choice for flavouring in many of the UK’s premier bars and restaurants, adding sophistication and variety to drinks menus across the country and indeed the world.

Produced using natural fruits, flowers, spices and plants, Monin syrups are highly concentrated for exceptional flavour and a reduced cost per serving.

For a little inspiration we have shared three of our favourite tips and techniques so as you can stretch your creativity for your customers.


Monin Coffee Decoration:

Enhance the appeal of your signature latte with a few drops of espresso mixed with a nut or spice flavoured syrup.

Create fascinating swirls and shapes using a skewer to manipulate the drops of espresso on your delicately steamed milk.


Monin Flavoured Milk:

Try boosting the flavour of milk by steaming a nut or spice flavoured syrup directly with your milk, your customers will be enchanted with the beautiful warm colours and unique taste.

Don’t forget to wash the steam pipe after use, to ensure you don’t cross contaminate flavours.


Monin Flavoured Ice Cubes:

Syrup flavoured ice cubes make a fantastic visual impact and will be sure to amaze and delight your customers.

Perfect for the warm weather and the small colourful cubes will ensure your establishment will stand out.

All you have to do is freeze 20ml of any Monin syrup with 100ml of water.


We are sure you and your customers will love our range of Monin syrups and we would love to see your Monin flavoured drinks.

Tweet us your images @HGStephensons or upload them to our facebook page.