The Last Straw: How a Change to Paper Will Help Your Business and the Environment

The Last Straw: How a Change to Paper Will Help Your Business and the Environment

In the catering industry, straws are a pretty standard component of any establishment. From smoothies to shakes, punters tend to like a straw with a cold drink. The problem is though, these straws are most commonly made from plastic, which can take up to 500 years to break down. In fact, almost every single piece of plastic ever produced is still on the planet. Now, couple that information with the estimate that McDonalds customers in the UK alone throw away around 3.5 million straws daily and you can start to see the magnitude of the problem.

These straws don’t just go away, they unfortunately have to end up somewhere. And as we saw in the news a few years ago in the emotive video (Warning: Graphic content) of a turtle with a straw stuck in its nostril, that ‘somewhere’ often ends up being our oceans. In fact, plastic straws are listed amongst the Ocean Conservancy’s list of the top ten items found washed up on our beaches. Since that infamous turtle story, there have been more and more high-profile pieces that have highlighted the adverse affects of plastic in our ocean’s — notably a tragic scene in the most recent series of the BBC’s Blue Planet II where a mother blue whale continued to carry her dead calf across the ocean. As David Attenborough explained, the death was due to the toxicity of plastic waste in the ocean.

This continuing ‘bad press’ regarding the use of plastic and in particular single-use straws has resulted in many consumers expecting businesses to take an eco-friendly approach and stock sustainable, safe straws. In a direct response, some of the behemoths of different industries have already pledged to scrap the plastic straw including JD Wetherspoons, Diageo, Bacardi and fine dining group D&D London. It is inevitable that more brands and companies are set to join these names and ditch the straw. This means that if establishments do want to make straws available (which as an integral part of many drinks services and cocktail creations seems a wise move) they’ll need an eco-conscious alternative. There will be many customers who expect this, because as well all know — it’s not that easy to sip a milkshake!

Fortunately, Stephensons have just the solution with a new range of environmentally friendly paper straws that look the part and most importantly do the job. And rest assured that the effortless switch to a sustainable straw will have a huge impact — both on customer’s perception of your business and crucially on the continued future of our fragile ecosystem.

Eco-Friendly Black Paper Straw

These eco-friendly straws are made from a food grade paper that is fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.

With a 6mm bore and a stylish black finish, these versatile straws don’t look any different to their dangerous plastic counterparts and will suit a wide range of beverages from milkshakes to cocktails. Unlike other similar options, these paper straws are surprisingly strong and also very cost-effective — making it easier than ever to be eco-conscious.

Helping you save the environment, one straw at a time.

More colours available here!

Churchill Autumn Additions Now In Our Showroom and Online!

Churchill Autumn Additions Now In Our Showroom and Online!

For many, autumn means brown leaves and shorter days. Despite this, there is some cheerfulness to be found because the change in the seasons has also signalled the release of Churchill’s new Autumn 17 range. Read on for the lowdown on these exciting new items!

In line with the continuing revival of studio pottery, the Raku collection celebrates the heritage of traditional glazing techniques. A stylish Agate Grey tone is the latest colour addition to this already popular collection. There is also a brand spanking new range of six oblong plates in three key sizes, and these are available in Topaz Blue and Quartz Black.

Raku Studio Prints Agate Grey

Find Raku Agate Grey Here!

Hints is an exciting new collection from the Stonecast range. The concept for the Hints range is motivated by those who like the rustic Stonecast look, but would prefer it with a splash of colour. Stonecast Hints is hand decorated with a fine coloured speckle, the same speckle colour is hand applied to the edge to create a stippled band, achieving a rustic finish.

The Bamboo range has been given a colourful twist with the arrival of two new feature colours – Dusk and Mist. The two tones are inspired by the shades of the landscape and they make exciting new complementary additions to this series of durable yet elegant tableware.

Cool Slate Blue is a new colour within the Homespun collection. This shade works to create a stunning dark canvas for showcasing a range of cuisines, and it is available in a range of core shapes and sizes to suit your dining needs. The Homespun design is essentially a blending of contemporary sophistication with fond nostalgia.

Homespun Slate Blue

View the extensive range!

The new additions to the Vintage Prints range are ideal to incorporate with the existing items in the range, to add colour and pattern to traditional whitewear or for mixing eclectically with Stonecast and Studio Prints collections. The trend for vintage chic is very much in the fashion spotlight and this range typifies this popular aesthetic.

Stonecast is an exciting collection of rustic and hand decorated products inspired by the changing seasons and fresh ingredients. Stonecast is hand decorated with a fine speckle and rustic edge in a rich golden brown. Bringing rustic charm to cookware, this range available in Barley White. The seven new cookware items are designed to complement all existing Stonecast ranges – HintsColours and Patina. They are also ideal for mixing and matching with other Churchill collections.

Stonecast Cookware

7 New Barley White Items Here!

From the Churchill Alchemy Buffet range comes Melamine Trace – a versatile, strong and practical collection of serving bowls that feature an alluring, rounded shape. This collection is based upon the twin combination of handsome aesthetics and trustable durability. The Melamine Trace comes in two distinct finishes. The matt white provides an understated-yet-stylish palette for exciting food presentation whereas the speckled granite grey finish makes for a contemporary take on the serving bowl.

Melamine Trace Bowls

Alchemy Additions Arrive!

These New Churchill Items Are Now On Display In The Stephenson’s Showroom!

Visit our Showroom

To see the new Churchill items!

Stephenson's Showroom

All of the new Autumn 17 Churchill items are available to view in our Stephenson’s showroom and one of our experienced advisors will be more than happy to show you the range and talk you through the best options and combinations to suit your needs. A visit to the largest cash & carry showroom in the North is more than worth your time!

We’re located on the A6 road and our address is:

Kennerley Works, 161 Buxton Rd, Stockport SK2 6EQ.

Our opening times are:



Opening Times:

Monday 9am – 5:30pm
Tuesday 9am – 5:30pm
Wednesday 9am – 5:30pm
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Sunday Closed




Rustic Crockery from Stephensons

Rustic Crockery from Stephensons

Rustic crockery is an increasingly popular crockery style in restaurants, pubs and other dining establishments. The Stephensons rustic crockery collection is unrivalled in variety and quality with options to suit every taste and budget.

  • Rustic crockery for catering and hospitality use
  • Exciting rustic crockery collections for superb food presentation
  • Includes Churchill Stonecast, Porcelite Seasons, Dudson Harvest, Dudson Evolution, Utopia Earthh and Steelite Craft
  • From Stephensons catering equipment suppliers

The fabulous ranges in this exciting rustic crockery collection include Churchill Stonecast, Porcelite Seasons, Dudson Harvest, Dudson Evolution, Utopia Earth and Steelite Craft.

Originally consisting of 4 colours (duck egg blue, barley white, spiced orange and peppercorn grey), 2 fabulous new colourways have been introduced to the Churchill Stonecast range. Churchill Stonecast Cornflower Blue is a breathtaking and unique colourway, sure to bring style and an alluring charm to the table. Churchill Stonecast Mustard Seed Yellow is equally as charming and offers a vivacious alternative for vibrant food presentation.

Churchill Stonecast Rustic Crockery

Another superb rustic crockery range is Seasons by Porcelite. This splendid collection offers outstanding performance, a stunning rustic colour palette and handsome silhouettes. Colours in the Porcelite Seasons range include coral, stone grey, wheat cream, magma red, graphite grey, oatmeal white and the striking sea spray blue. These colours are inspired by the changing seasons and create the perfect platform for outstanding food presentation. Each piece in this Porcelite rustic crockery range has been hand decorated for an authentic style.

Porcelite Seasons Rustic Crockery

Dudson Harvest crockery is the epitome of rustic charisma. This alluring range combines style and practicality to meet the demands of the catering and hospitality industry. Every piece in this collection has been especially designed to exaggerate purposeful imperfections whilst the hand sponged rims create unique characteristics. In the spirit of harvest, Dudson Harvest features embossments of barley and wheat which embrace rural style on the tabletop.

dudson harvest rustic crockery

Dudson Evolution boasts a handmade effect while adding a contemporary twist. Each Dudson Evolution piece is unique with a variance in colour and glaze. Dudson Evolution features a unique ceramic body developed with the prime objective of reducing the carbon footprint created during the manufacturing process. Produced using a 100% lead-free ThermECO glaze and requiring only one firing process, this exciting range of tableware has a significantly reduced impact upon the environment. Manufacturing ceramic products has traditionally been costly to the environment, with firing and glazing in particular requiring high energy use. Dudson Evolution is just as strong and durable as other Dudson ceramic products.

Dudson Evolution Rustic Crockery

Utopia Earth is a delightful collection of rustic plates, bowls and mugs. This handsome rustic crockery range brings an attractive, characterful quality to the tabletop. Utopia Earth is a delightful fusion of style and resilience and is sturdy enough to withstand a rigorous commercial environment. Distinctive shaping of plates and bowls in this range distinguish Utopia Earth as a unique and handsome rustic crockery choice. Utopia Earth is available in 4 colours: thistle grey, linen beige, mocha crown and cinnamon red.

Utopia Earth Rustic Crockery

Steelite Craft is a thrilling mixture of style and practicality. Undoubtedly alluring, Steelite Craft is also sturdy and resilient for use in the catering and hospitality industry. The rustic Steelite Craft range embodies the beauty of rich glazes which have been lovingly applied by hand. The individual finishes are a result of the gem like glaze which is coupled perfectly with the naturally occurring effects achieved in the kiln. This unique crockery collection is available in a variety of colours including blue, green, brown, terracotta, grey and white. These natural colours compliment the simple rural designs of the plates, bowls, cups, and cookware found throughout the Steelite Craft collection.

Steelite Craft Rustic Crockery


Porcelite Seasons Crockery

Porcelite Seasons Crockery

Stephensons are delighted to introduce Porcelite Seasons. This crockery collection brings rustic charm to the tabletop and includes a selection of breathtaking colours.

Porcelite Seasons Banner

  • Porcelite Seasons crockery
  • Rustic plates, bowls, mugs, jugs and pots
  • Stunning colours include Sea Spray Blue, Coral, Stone Grey, Wheat Cream, Magma Red, Graphite Grey and Oatmeal White
  • From Stephensons catering equipment suppliers

Click to view the full Porcelite Seasons range

With a fabulous colour palette and striking tabletop presence, Porcelite Seasons exudes rustic charm. Porcelite Seasons is a handsome and resilient collection of plates, bowls, jugs and pots. 

Porcelite Seasons is available in 7 striking colourways: Sea Spray Blue, Coral, Stone Grey, Wheat Cream, Magma Red, Graphite Grey and Oatmeal White. These colours are inspired by the changing seasons and create the perfect platform for outstanding food presentation.

Each piece in this range is hand decorated for an authentic feel. As such, items in this collection have unique and individual characteristics which add to the allure of Seasons.

Porcelite have a reputation for creating tough and sturdy crockery that can withstand the hustle and bustle of commercial use and this collection is no different. The Porcelite Seasons range is fully vitrified, dishwasher safe, microwave safe and freezer safe.

Coupe plates, coupe bowls and oval plates in this collection feature a 5 year edge chip warranty which is a reassuring promise that Porcelite Seasons will deliver longevity and superb performance.

View the Stephensons catering equipment suppliers Porcelite Seasons Range to find out more.Porcelite Seasons Stone

Other new rustic crockery ranges include updated colours of Churchill Stonecast and Utopia Earth.


Rational 5 Senses Self Cooking Centres

Rational 5 Senses Self Cooking Centres

Stephensons catering equipment suppliers are delighted to introduce Rational 5 Senses Self Cooking Centres. These appliances combine the benefits of conventional ovens, convection ovens and steamer ovens for all-in-one versatility. Rational 5 Senses have revolutionised commercial kitchens with their intelligence and ingenuity.


  • Rational 5 Senses Self Cooking Centres
  • Versatile ovens that combine the benefits of conventional ovens, convection ovens and steamer ovens
  • Revolutionary kitchen appliances from Rational
  • Rational 5 Senses from Stephensons catering equipment suppliers

Rational 5 Senses Ovens Self Cooking Centres


A result of more than 40 years of cooking research, the Rational 5 Senses range has been developed to meet the demands of chefs in commercial kitchens. Designed by food scientists, physicists, engineers and chefs themselves, Rational have created a revolutionary collection of catering ovens that offer unrivalled food quality, efficiency and intelligence.

The Rational 5 Senses range prepares food with the minimum of fuss by sensing, recognising, thinking, learning and communicating:

Senses: Rational 5 Senses ovens sense the current cooking cabinet conditions and the consistency of the food.
Recognises: These ovens are able to recognise the size of the food, load quantity and product condition to calculate browning.
Thinks: The Rational 5 Senses range thinks ahead to determine the ideal cooking path for your desired finished results.
Learns: Another fabulous feature of the Rational 5 Senses ovens is their ability to learn the users cooking habits and implement them.
Communicates: These ovens communicate with the user with live updates and information.

Rational 5 Senses have changed the entire landscape of commercial cooking; each unit can cook, roast, fry, steam, bake and much more:

Cooking: All the user has to do is select the food on the touch screen, load the product and the 5 Senses does the rest. There is no need to set the timer or temperature gauge as the Rationale 5 Senses automatically identifies the perfect conditions for the best results. These self cooking centres are easy and intuitive to use. With quick pre heating, the Rational 5 Senses ensure even cooking and perfect results every time. Drying out is prevented and shrinkage is reduced as moisture is not withdrawn from the food.

Roasting: Roasting is easy and efficient with the Rational 5 Senses Cooking Centres. In conventional ovens, part of the roast will inevitably be grey and wasted. In these 5 Senses ovens, the roast is consistent throughout with minimal shrinkage and tasty, moist results. Roasting can safely be left overnight and the Rational 5 Senses will identify the ideal environment for the best outcome.

Frying: Without the need for oil, Rational 5 Sense Self Cooking Centres are able to fry food with fantastic results. By channelling streams of hot air onto the food, these contemporary ovens offer a healthier and safer alternative to fryers. Without using oil, 5 Senses are able to fry without added fat or calories and save the user money. This feature makes Rational Self Cooking Centres a particularly popular choice in schools and nursing homes where healthier foods are an important consideration. This oven is able to fry French fries, onion rings, spring rolls and much more.

Steaming: Steaming is faster than boiling and keeps vitamins and minerals locked into foods. Rational 5 Sense ovens are able to steam several vegetables at the same time without flavour transfer. Vegetables on separate trays can have different steaming conditions without affecting any of the others. Steaming in the Rational 5 Senses Cooking Centres is suitable for all kinds of vegetables and creates fantastic results every time.

Baking: You would not be surprised to hear that baking is another application within the remit of the Rational 5 Senses range. Great for baking sweet or savoury foods, these self cooking centres are great for bread, cookies, croissants and anything else. Guaranteeing consistent browning, baking trays do not even need turning.Rational 5 Senses Self Cooking Centres

As well as fulfilling almost every kitchen need, Rational 5 Senses also clean themselves! CareControl technology identifies how dirty the appliance is and uses the perfect amount of cleaner to regain sparkling glory. This task can even be undertaken overnight to ensure maximum efficiency during work hours.

View the full Rational 5 Senses range from Stephensons catering equipment suppliers

Villeroy & Boch Janda fine china crockery

Villeroy & Boch Janda fine china crockery

Catering equipment suppliers, Stephensons now stock and supply Villeroy & Boch Janda fine china crockery.

If you’re looking to renew your fine china crockery collection for the start of the New Year, there isn’t a more fitting choice than Villeroy & Boch Janda.

Airing fresh sophistication, Villeroy & Boch Janda fine china denotes crisp contemporary design inspired by traditional artistry.

The two patterns – Janda Leaf and Janda Diamond – will bring a warm touch to any modern establishment and a hint of cosmopolitan freshness in more traditional surroundings.

Both patterns reveal a fascinating, raised texture which will elevate your cuisine. Combine the stylised leaf pattern with the discreet and timeless diamond pattern for a chilled, harmonious setting.

Catering durability goes without saying – each piece is dishwasher safe, microwave safe and salamander safe.

The Villeroy & Boch brand is highly regarded in the world of tableware, affiliated with quality and innovation.

As exclusive distributors of Villeroy & Boch, we’re proud to offer our customers a range of premium porcelain, including the new Villeroy & Boch Janda range.

For more information contact our Customer Services team on 0161 483 6256 and don’t forget to like our facebook and twitter pages to keep up to date with the latest news, products and offers.