In the spotlight: Zena Swiss Star Peeler

In the spotlight: Zena Swiss Star Peeler

Stephensons catering equipment suppliers take a look at what makes the Zena Star Peeler legendary.

Legendary? OK, so it’s a big statement but one which is fully qualified! Available here at Stephensons, the world famous peeler is a heavy duty version of the original Rex peeler.

So what makes it legendary? Besides the ergonomic stainless steel handle, the hardened blue steel blade and the fact that it’s the sharpest peeler on the market, this humble little peeler has earned an honourable place in the Hall of Postal Fame. Back in 2004, the Swiss Post dedicated a new 15 centime stamp design to the Zena peeler.

The Zena peeler has come to be an embodiment of Swiss functional design and has been exhibited in the world’s most renowned museums, frequently featuring in art and design literature.

The original Rex peeler first made its debut in 1947 and was the brainchild of Alfred Neweczerzal. His invention went on to become a true design classic thanks to its practical, award winning form.

The Zena peeler decorated the 15 centime stamp in 2004.

The successful minimalist design incorporates a U-shaped aluminium handle with a pivoted sharp tempered steel blade and a side knife for cutting out potato eyes.

Rex’s big brother, the Zena Star peeler was later designed as a heavy duty version for professional catering use. The blades and ergonomics are identical to the Rex but the evolved peeler features a stainless steel handle, favoured among professional chefs.

Zena, the company behind this handy fruit and vegetable peeler, is based just outside of Zurich and manufacturers more than two million peelers a year, of which 60% are exported abroad.

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Introducing the new and revolutionary Robot Cook heating food processor

Introducing the new and revolutionary Robot Cook heating food processor

Brand new this week, Stephensons catering equipment suppliers are one of the first to market with the all-new food processor from Robot Coupe.

Now available on, the revolutionary Robot Coupe Robot Cook food processor is the first of its kind! The new machine will emulsify, grind, mix, chop, blend, knead, heat and even cook a wide variety of food and has the capability to cook food up to 140ºC (to the nearest degree).

The new Robot Cook processor is the ideal kitchen assistant for any professional chef when it comes to innovating and preparing a multitude of attractive, hot or cold, savoury or sweet recipes. Using the programming function, Chefs can entrust their secret recipe with their Robot Cook to prepare and effortlessly reproduce favourite recipes.


An opening in the centre of the lid allows the chef to add extra ingredients into the bowl without having to stop the preparation of the recipe.


The watertight lid is equipped with an anti-splash safety function and anti-vapour wiper to ensure perfect visibility during processing.


The bowl scraper arm is ideal for delicate and uniform food preparation.


A novel system of blade retention allows the chef to safely empty the bowl of its contents.


All parts that come into contact with food can be easily removed and are dishwasher safe.


The modulable heating capacity up to 140ºC, accurate to the nearest degree, allows for greater cooking precision.

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In The Spotlight: Disposable Plastic Glasses

In The Spotlight: Disposable Plastic Glasses

Catering equipment suppliers Stephensons lead the way with amazing low prices on high quality disposable plastic glassware.

FestivalsBBQ’s and beer gardens, it’s officially that time of year when friends and family head out into the sunshine in search of a good time and cool drinks. This week we’ve enjoyed our first real serving of summer and with another Bank Holiday peering around the corner we thought that we should take a closer look at the disposable glassware available this summer.

Except there’s nothing cool about a flimsy plastic glasses which bend, split and crack. You know the sort, the ones that you can’t hold without spilling your drink everywhere. They put a downer on the summer vibe for your customers and, well they’re not a great advertisement for your business either.

No worries though because here at Stephensons we only stock high quality disposable glasses which have undergone stringent testing by ourselves to ensure that they are strong, durable and fit for commercial use.


Disposable plastic tumbler glasses and beer glasses

Our range of tumbler plastic glasses incorporates an extensive collection of great value disposable glassware and some of our best selling lines. Fit for purpose, this plastic glassware features excellent strength and durability at an affordable price.

Plastic beer glasses are the most popular line of disposable glassware during the summer. We can assure you that our disposable beer glasses are strong enough to be held without the fear of spilling beer. They are also shatter resistant, making them less likely to crack, split and leak.

We have recently introduced the red American party cup to the collection because no summer party is complete without them!


Premium disposable glasses

Available with a variety of non CE, CE and LCE options, these premium plastic glasses offer extreme strength and durability. These disposable glasses are injection moulded to offer a rigid feel and secure hold without compromise on the clarity of the glass. For enhanced drinking comfort, they also feature a rolled rim.


Disposable plastic shot, wine and champagne glasses

In addition to our extensive range of disposable plastic tumblers, we also stock disposable shot glasses, wine glasses and champagne glasses. We even stock a plastic disposable Jagerbomb shot glass!


There you have it, a fantastic collection of high quality disposable plastic glassware, fit for purpose and available from Stephensons at amazing low prices!

If you require reusable plastic glasses, don’t worry we’ve got you covered too! Look out for our brand new reusable plastic beer tankards, perfect for the growing trend of dimpled beer glasses!

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In The Spotlight: Medium Flow, Professional Pourer

In The Spotlight: Medium Flow, Professional Pourer

Stephensons catering equipment suppliers catch up with professional bar tender, Tom Dyer, to talk pour spouts.

World Champion and 11 time UK Champion, Tom Dyer has been bar tending for 15 years and is renowned within the industry for his professional skills.

With his expert knowledge and understanding of the bar world, Tom Dyer has collaborated with Beaumont to design a medium flow, professional pourer. Tom’s free flow, calibrated pour spout is accurate, robust, stylish and affordable.

Suitable for all bartenders, this free flow pourer offers accurate and precise measures for mixologists and is strong and durable enough to withstand flair bartending.

Tom Dyer said: “I’ve seen that there are a lot of different bar pour spouts out there, some are good and some are not so good. I thought, why not come up with a pour spout which is good for all different types of bartenders, flair bartenders and mixologists for example.”

Tom trialled an original pour spout at his bar tending school and advised Beamont with a number of refinements; the core now features greater flex without compromising durability, for a firm fit in a large number of bottles, and the metal components have been improved for greater strength.

This medium flow pour spout is available in a case of 12 from Stephensons catering equipment suppliers.

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In the Spotlight: Wine Glasses

In the Spotlight: Wine Glasses

Stephensons catering equipment suppliers has a published a beginner’s guide to wine glassware.

Recent years have seen restaurants across the country revamp their wine menu to attract ever more wine savvy customers. To keep them coming back for more, you’ll need to ensure that your wine glasses are up to scratch (pardon the pun)! With that in mind, we thought that we should treat you with this beginner’s guide to wine glasses.

Glasses are a vital part of wine tasting; they should bring out the best in wines, even cheaper wines!

The drinking of wine is a multi-sensual experience involving the sight, smell and taste. Quality wine glasses, such as those available from Stephensons, are manufactured to satisfy each of these senses to enhance the overall drinking experience.


The colour and density of wine will offer the first taste through the sense of sight and can reveal clues about grape variety, alcohol content and even age. The ideal glass should be absolutely clear, allowing the colour to resonate through.


The bowl chamber is where the aroma of wine is properly developed. A professionally designed wine glass should excite the sense of smell. The base of the bowl determines the aeration which will release the aroma of the wine. The upper part of the bowl is where the aromas are concentrated, revealing the various components of the wine. The ideal vessel for wine should capture the aromas for maximum appreciation.


The fineness of the rim will enhance the flow of wine into the palate and can even enhance cheap wine! The tongue and mouth’s tasting areas process information about the basic elements of taste including the sweetness, salt, acidity and bitterness.

Selling Wine By The Glass

Wine that is being sold by the glass must be sold in measures of 125ml, 175ml and 250ml. In order to achieve these measures, the wine must pass through a government stamped measure somewhere between the bottle and your customer. Measurements can be made with a legally verified thimble measure or a government stamped glass.

For a flexible solution, choose a wine glass with multiple CE marks. These glasses offer maximum flexibility with minimum outlay as only one glass will be needed to cover three serve sizes.

Our collection of wine glassware offers a vast range of glasses which are perfect for drinking wine. We would advise customers to choose their wine glasses based on style, quality and the price point that are required for their establishment.

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In the Spotlight: Beer Glasses

In the Spotlight: Beer Glasses

Stephensons catering equipment suppliers has published a beginner’s guide to beer glassware.

There is nothing quite like a refreshing pint of beer but with so many now available how do you choose the right beer glass? Well, to help you out and to ensure that you know your Nonic from your Senator we have put together this guide to beer glassware.


Nucleated Beer Glasses

A nucleated beer glass will allow a steady release of gas which helps to preserve the head of the beer. Printed nucleation and laser etched nucleation are both common types. Glass manufactures term their nucleation system with various names such as Head -On-It, Head Booster, Super Nucleation, Activator Max and Activator Performance.

Toughened Glassware

Toughened glassware is incredibly resistant under everyday bar conditions and is available in a wide range of shapes, styles and sizes. Extremely shock and thermal shock resistant, toughened glasses such as the Ultimate Pint Glass and the Perfect Pint Glass are among the strongest currently available. Toughened glassware is completely safe and has been designed to shatter into small blunt shards.

CE / LCE Marks

CE marked glasses and LCE marked glasses represent accurate legal measures. CE marked glasses hold a legal measure to the brim whilst LCE marked glasses hold a legal measure to the line. Both marks are commonly found on pint, half pint and schooner beer glasses.

Standard Beer Glasses

Suitable for most occasions, our collection of standard beer glassware offers fantastic value. This collection of beer glasses is a brilliant solution for busy bars requiring cheap-to-replace beer glasses.

Nonic beer glasses are widely used in the UK and are favoured for their functional design and durable nature. These bulged pint glasses are easy to stack and comfy to hold; the bulge provides a handy extra grip on condensation covered glasses. Conical beer glasses, otherwise known as American beer glasses and shaker pint glasses, offer fantastic value and are widely used to serve beer in UK bars and pubs. For the perfect all-rounder, Hiball beer glasses are a great choice and are particularly cheap to replace.






Tulip beer glasses are an attractive alternative to the traditional Nonic and are commonly used to serve Guinness. For style conscious and trendy outlets Jubilee beer glassesSenator beer glasses and Aspen beer glasses offer a refreshing beverage presentation concept and are popular in trendy bars and pubs. With a curvaceous profile which is pleasing to the eye and comfortable to hold, Edge beer glasses bring an innovative approach to beverage presentation.






Beer Tankards

Now increasingly recognised in swanky bars, glass beer tankards are currently seeing a massive comeback.  The revival of this retro beer glass which became near obsolete in the noughties, following a decline from its heyday in the 1960s, is almost certainly tied-in with the current popularity of UK beer and cask-ale brewers.



Bottled Beer Glasses

Smaller than the standard pint glass, bottled beer glasses come a variety of elegant shapes which are designed to emphasise the colour and carbonation of the beer.


Stemmed Beer Glasses

Stemmed beer glasses are an extremely attractive alternative and are great for serving beer, ale, cider and even cocktails! Also known as beer goblets and beer chalices, these glasses are characterised by strong, thick glass with a wide mouth and defined base.


Branded Beer Glasses

Consumers are keen to associate themselves with key beverage brands, which have an image of style, or in some cases expense. Branded glassware is great way of advertising your beer too!


Beer Sampler Glasses

Beer tasting glasses are brilliant for brewery events and beer tasting sessions. For a really impressive presentation of beer samplers, why not serve on a beer flight which has been specifically designed for presenting three 1/3 pint glasses.


Schooner Beer Glasses

Requests for a Schooner of beer are becoming ever more popular thanks to relaxed drink measurement laws. Schooner beer glasses hold two thirds of a pint and offer brilliant flexibility. Session drinkers can now enjoy more beers and while pint measurements have longer to warm up, the smaller schooner will remain cool and refreshing.


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