Be Prepared For Oktoberfest!

Be Prepared For Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest is becoming big business in the UK. We’ve not quite reached the 7.7million litres consumed at the German event in 2013, but with themed events popping up everywhere from Edinburgh to Shoreditch, and with over 50,000 people last year heading to the London events alone, we’re certainly on our way.

As a number of Oktoberfest events are set to turn many UK cities into boozy Bavarian wonderlands over the next two months, why not join in on the festivities and give your customers a traditional German experience? Here at Stephensons, we’ve picked out some perfect products that will help transform any bar into a bier-hall!

Moldau Pint-To-Brim Tankard

This toughened tankard is one of the only pint-to-brim 12-sided glasses available in the UK and will eliminate any chance of wasting your glorious German beer. This glass also features a nucleated bottom to keep the contents effervescent for longer.

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Two-Pint Glass Stein

If any expression fits the spirit of Oktoberfest, it’s surely – ‘two pints are better than one’. Give your customers an authentic German glass and reduce bar trips with this durable, traditional stein. You could say… two beer-ds with one stone.

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Spielgelau Wine Glasses

Oktoberfest isn’t only beer and schnitzel. Wine fits into the festivities too, with such customary favourites as the sparkling Schlumbeger often served. These glasses come from Spielgelau, a company based in the Bavarian forest since 1521. So, if anyone knows German glassware, it’s surely Spielgelau!

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Isar Shot Mug

This quirky item is a miniature tankard repurposed to be a shot glass! It features a detailed dimple design and a sturdy handle, with a perfect serving capacity of just 1.05 oz.

What could be more German than serving shots of Jägermeister in a mini-stein?

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Das Boot - Glass Beer Boot

Legend has it that a German general promised his troops could drink beer from his boot if they were victorious in battle. After the triumph, he commissioned a glassmaker to fashion his boot from glass, both fulfilling his promise and avoiding any foot-flavoured beer. Thus, the bierstiefel was born. This iconic glass is inherently tied to German culture and is a unique way to serve pitchers of beer.

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In the Spotlight: Wine Glasses

In the Spotlight: Wine Glasses

Stephensons catering equipment suppliers has a published a beginner’s guide to wine glassware.

Recent years have seen restaurants across the country revamp their wine menu to attract ever more wine savvy customers. To keep them coming back for more, you’ll need to ensure that your wine glasses are up to scratch (pardon the pun)! With that in mind, we thought that we should treat you with this beginner’s guide to wine glasses.

Glasses are a vital part of wine tasting; they should bring out the best in wines, even cheaper wines!

The drinking of wine is a multi-sensual experience involving the sight, smell and taste. Quality wine glasses, such as those available from Stephensons, are manufactured to satisfy each of these senses to enhance the overall drinking experience.


The colour and density of wine will offer the first taste through the sense of sight and can reveal clues about grape variety, alcohol content and even age. The ideal glass should be absolutely clear, allowing the colour to resonate through.


The bowl chamber is where the aroma of wine is properly developed. A professionally designed wine glass should excite the sense of smell. The base of the bowl determines the aeration which will release the aroma of the wine. The upper part of the bowl is where the aromas are concentrated, revealing the various components of the wine. The ideal vessel for wine should capture the aromas for maximum appreciation.


The fineness of the rim will enhance the flow of wine into the palate and can even enhance cheap wine! The tongue and mouth’s tasting areas process information about the basic elements of taste including the sweetness, salt, acidity and bitterness.

Selling Wine By The Glass

Wine that is being sold by the glass must be sold in measures of 125ml, 175ml and 250ml. In order to achieve these measures, the wine must pass through a government stamped measure somewhere between the bottle and your customer. Measurements can be made with a legally verified thimble measure or a government stamped glass.

For a flexible solution, choose a wine glass with multiple CE marks. These glasses offer maximum flexibility with minimum outlay as only one glass will be needed to cover three serve sizes.

Our collection of wine glassware offers a vast range of glasses which are perfect for drinking wine. We would advise customers to choose their wine glasses based on style, quality and the price point that are required for their establishment.

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