Message in a mini milk bottle

Message in a mini milk bottle

Catering equipment suppliers, Stephensons have sent out a message in a mini milk bottle to the Cheshire Life and Lancashire Life Food & Drink Awards 2014.

The 2014 Cheshire Life and Lancashire Life Food and Drink Awards are set to reveal the region’s top culinary establishments tonight (Monday 27th October) at the Hilton Hotel in Manchester.

The shortlist of hotels, restaurants and inns has been selected by an independent panel of judges, including award-winning caterer Rosemary Watts, Cheshire Life editor Louise Taylor-Allen, Lancashire Life food writers Philippa James and Ray King, food consultant Trevor Stone, and Lancashire Life editor Roger Borrell.

To support the prestigious event, we’ve sent out a message in a mini milk bottle to each of the attendees who’ll have the chance of winning a set of six mini milk bottles.

To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is tweet us a picture of your mini milk bottle presentation idea to @HGStephensons.

Get creative and tweet us pictures of milk shakes, juice or cocktails served up in your mini milk bottle – the more quirky the presentation the better!

The competition will close at 5.00pm on Monday 3rd November, 2014.

Tweet us as many different pictures as you want but please be aware that there is only one prize of six mini milk bottles available.

For more information contact our Customer Services team on 0161 483 6256.

We look forward to announcing the winner next week. Good luck to all of those that enter!

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In the spotlight: disposable plastic glasses

In the spotlight: disposable plastic glasses

Catering equipment suppliers, Stephensons offer a wide range of quality disposable plastic glasses for amazing low prices!

OK let’s be honest it was a wash-out bank holiday weekend but it’s still August (just) and, according to the latest media reports, summer is set to make a brief return thanks to Hurricane Cristobal which will see a burst of warm air from the Caribbean.

Now that summer is back on the cards, with warmer weather returning at the start of September, you might want to stock up on those all important disposable plastic glasses!

Here at Stephensons, we stock and supply a wide range of plastic glassware and disposable glasses which are perfect for busy bars and pubs. As a trusted supplier of disposable glassware, we distribute affordable, quality plastic glasses to large organised events and venues across the country. 

Come rain or shine, plastic glasses offer a safe, practical and convenient alternative to traditional glassware. But surely, I hear you ask, a plastic glass is a plastic glass, right? Wrong. How many times have you split your beer by simply trying to hold your plastic beer glass? How many times have your plastic glasses split and cracked only to render them useless? It’s all to do with the quality.

We’ve been hard at work, stringently testing out a wide range of beer glasses and other disposable plastics to ensure that we are able to offer quality, style and great value. Check out this video to see what we found and why we would suggest the Cryovac disposable plastic pint glass offers the best value without compromise on quality – a small amount of beer was consumed in the making of this video, for testing purposes of course!

And for when a pint just isn’t enough, this two pint reusable plastic tumbler should keep your customers happy with fewer trips to the bar!

If, however, it’s a premium plastic glass that you’re after it just has to be a Katerglass disposable plastic glass, available in a range of sizes. Injection moulded, these disposable glasses are extremely rigid for a secure hold.

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In The Spotlight: Disposable Plastic Glasses

In The Spotlight: Disposable Plastic Glasses

Catering equipment suppliers Stephensons lead the way with amazing low prices on high quality disposable plastic glassware.

FestivalsBBQ’s and beer gardens, it’s officially that time of year when friends and family head out into the sunshine in search of a good time and cool drinks. This week we’ve enjoyed our first real serving of summer and with another Bank Holiday peering around the corner we thought that we should take a closer look at the disposable glassware available this summer.

Except there’s nothing cool about a flimsy plastic glasses which bend, split and crack. You know the sort, the ones that you can’t hold without spilling your drink everywhere. They put a downer on the summer vibe for your customers and, well they’re not a great advertisement for your business either.

No worries though because here at Stephensons we only stock high quality disposable glasses which have undergone stringent testing by ourselves to ensure that they are strong, durable and fit for commercial use.


Disposable plastic tumbler glasses and beer glasses

Our range of tumbler plastic glasses incorporates an extensive collection of great value disposable glassware and some of our best selling lines. Fit for purpose, this plastic glassware features excellent strength and durability at an affordable price.

Plastic beer glasses are the most popular line of disposable glassware during the summer. We can assure you that our disposable beer glasses are strong enough to be held without the fear of spilling beer. They are also shatter resistant, making them less likely to crack, split and leak.

We have recently introduced the red American party cup to the collection because no summer party is complete without them!


Premium disposable glasses

Available with a variety of non CE, CE and LCE options, these premium plastic glasses offer extreme strength and durability. These disposable glasses are injection moulded to offer a rigid feel and secure hold without compromise on the clarity of the glass. For enhanced drinking comfort, they also feature a rolled rim.


Disposable plastic shot, wine and champagne glasses

In addition to our extensive range of disposable plastic tumblers, we also stock disposable shot glasses, wine glasses and champagne glasses. We even stock a plastic disposable Jagerbomb shot glass!


There you have it, a fantastic collection of high quality disposable plastic glassware, fit for purpose and available from Stephensons at amazing low prices!

If you require reusable plastic glasses, don’t worry we’ve got you covered too! Look out for our brand new reusable plastic beer tankards, perfect for the growing trend of dimpled beer glasses!

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Dimpled Beer Glasses Make The BBC News

Dimpled Beer Glasses Make The BBC News

The traditional dimpled pint glass has today made the headlines, Stephensons catering equipment suppliers explains why.

It’s true that this once hugely popular beer glass came close to extinction, with the last factory to make the handled beer glass closing in 2001. Pubs and bar opted for straight beer glasses such as the conical, nonic and tulip which are designed specifically to enhance lager and are much easier to stack and store!

Today, BBC News published: “Visit in your mind the fictional British pubs of the 1980s – the Woolpack in Emmerdale, the Rovers Return in Coronation Street. Someone orders a pint of bitter at the bar. What is it served in? A glass tankard. With handle. And distinctive dimples.”

Now though, the dimpled glass has made a reappearance in pubs across the country. We’ve noticed the growing trend develop over several years now, owing to the surging popularity of real ale. In fact, all the way back in 2012 we posted Britannia Dimple Tankards Make A Comeback to the Stephensons blog, with a report from CAMRA shining a light on the independent pub industry which forecast the future of the UK brewery sector.

Manager at the Shacklewell Arms in Dalston, east London, Rose Dennen said: “It’s not old men with flat caps and whippets drinking out of dimple glasses, now you’ve got hipsters, girls in skinny jeans and fashionable Ts, drinking craft beer. There’s an appropriation of the traditional by the hipster culture. There are so many beards in Dalston, and they do love a dimple.

“There’s a huge array of stemmed glassware in Belgium, Germans have the beer stein, and the British have dimpled pint pots – it’s a nice iconic British tradition to hold on to. They also have a really lovely feel when you put them down on a beer mat – they are solid and reassuringly comforting.”

Flick over to page 271 in the new Stephensons catalogue, and you’ll see that we’ve added a number of new beer tankards to this years’ collection. In addition we’ve now also added polycarbonate dimpled glasses to the range, which are ideal for outdoor summer events and the imminent 2014 World Cup!

Moving away from beer, glass tankards are also great for cocktails too, increasingly bars are adopting handled glassware and dimpled beer glasses for serving cocktails. Then there’s Henry Stephenson’s favourite product from this year’s range; a trendy take on the traditional handled glass – it’s the ultra-cute mini handled shot glass!

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In the Spotlight: Wine Glasses

In the Spotlight: Wine Glasses

Stephensons catering equipment suppliers has a published a beginner’s guide to wine glassware.

Recent years have seen restaurants across the country revamp their wine menu to attract ever more wine savvy customers. To keep them coming back for more, you’ll need to ensure that your wine glasses are up to scratch (pardon the pun)! With that in mind, we thought that we should treat you with this beginner’s guide to wine glasses.

Glasses are a vital part of wine tasting; they should bring out the best in wines, even cheaper wines!

The drinking of wine is a multi-sensual experience involving the sight, smell and taste. Quality wine glasses, such as those available from Stephensons, are manufactured to satisfy each of these senses to enhance the overall drinking experience.


The colour and density of wine will offer the first taste through the sense of sight and can reveal clues about grape variety, alcohol content and even age. The ideal glass should be absolutely clear, allowing the colour to resonate through.


The bowl chamber is where the aroma of wine is properly developed. A professionally designed wine glass should excite the sense of smell. The base of the bowl determines the aeration which will release the aroma of the wine. The upper part of the bowl is where the aromas are concentrated, revealing the various components of the wine. The ideal vessel for wine should capture the aromas for maximum appreciation.


The fineness of the rim will enhance the flow of wine into the palate and can even enhance cheap wine! The tongue and mouth’s tasting areas process information about the basic elements of taste including the sweetness, salt, acidity and bitterness.

Selling Wine By The Glass

Wine that is being sold by the glass must be sold in measures of 125ml, 175ml and 250ml. In order to achieve these measures, the wine must pass through a government stamped measure somewhere between the bottle and your customer. Measurements can be made with a legally verified thimble measure or a government stamped glass.

For a flexible solution, choose a wine glass with multiple CE marks. These glasses offer maximum flexibility with minimum outlay as only one glass will be needed to cover three serve sizes.

Our collection of wine glassware offers a vast range of glasses which are perfect for drinking wine. We would advise customers to choose their wine glasses based on style, quality and the price point that are required for their establishment.

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St Patrick’s Day Catering Equipment at Stephensons

St Patrick’s Day Catering Equipment at Stephensons

With St Patrick’s Day just a week away, Stephensons catering equipment suppliers have everything that you will need to celebrate Paddy’s Day in style.

Stocked up with everything that you will need for a successful event, we have a wide range of St Patrick’s Day catering equipment.

Annually celebrated on the 17 March, St Patrick’s day has come to be associated with all that is Irish, green and gold! The life and work of St Patrick will be celebrated all over the world with parades, festivals, green attire, shamrocks, and of course, Guinness. In fact, it’s thought that over 13 million pints of Guinness will be served in the name of Ireland’s Patron Saint. That’s a lot of Guinness by anyone’s count!

  • With all of that Guinness flowing, you’ll need plenty of pint glasses and Guinness branded glassware.
  • Embrace the occasion and decorate the bar and lounge areas with green and gold napkins, candles and Irish flags.
  • Why not offer a hearty Irish inspired menu with stew, shepherd’s Pie, Barm Brack and Colcannon.
  • Keep your guests entertained with traditional Irish music and if you really want to create an atmosphere, book an Irish band!

Head over to our St Patrick’s Day shop to view all of our special offers on the essentials, order online now or drop by our catering equipment cash and carry in Stockport.

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