Stephensons supply Mr Selfridge with stunning vintage glassware

Stephensons supply Mr Selfridge with stunning vintage glassware

Catering equipment suppliers, Stephensons supply vintage glasses for the new series of Mr Selfridge.

ITV’s period drama, Mr Selfridge returned to our screens last night with Harry and his family celebrating Rosalie’s wedding.

If you were to ask us what makes an early 20th century wedding so wonderfully grand, it would have to be the glassware. Did you see the glassware?

Well, those beautifully engraved glasses and champagne saucers were actually supplied by Stephensons catering equipment suppliers.

Champagne saucers were all the rage in the first half of the 20th century. Recognised as the original champagne glass, saucer glasses feature tall stems which contrast with the wide bowl.

Now manufactured using the original glass moulds used for production in the early 1900s, these beautifully elegant glasses are once again becoming popular thanks to the vintage revival.

Those seen in the current series of Mr Selfridge include Calice Champagne Saucers, Cristal D’arques Masquerade red wine glasses and Elegance Saucer champagne glasses.

We stock and supply a beautiful range of vintage glasses with everything from wine glasses to cocktail glasses.

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In the Spotlight: Champagne Flutes and Saucers

In the Spotlight: Champagne Flutes and Saucers

Amazing low prices on champagne flutes and saucers at Stephensons catering equipment suppliers, just in time for Christmas and New Years celebrations.

If there is only one time a year that champagne glasses make their appearance, it’s December. With the year quickly winding to an end the champagne glasses are set to return to the tabletop as we celebrate Christmas and New Years in style.

However, serving celebratory drinks in tiered looking glassware will not tempt your guests to return in the New Year. As with all everything in the catering and hospitality industry, presentation is as important as the food and drink itself.

To ensure that your establishment exceeds your guests’ expectations ensure that you have a pristine collection of glassware.

We currently have some fantastic prices on a range of champagne flute glasses and champagne saucer glasses, order now to receive them in time for Christmas and New Years.

Remember, that champagne glasses are not limited to simply serving champagne! With the current trend of quirky beverage presentation, why not try serving cocktails in a champagne saucer glass or even flute?

After the big night there is always the big clean up and, no offence ladies, but you are bound to be left with many unsightly lipstick marks. We would recommend the Quash Concentrate glass lipstick-remover kit. With a simple pre-wash treatment, grease and lipstick can be easily removed without any long term staining.

So, be sure to take advantage of our amazing low prices on all of our champagne glassware and order now in time for Christmas!

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Ensuring Your Glassware Sparkles

Ensuring Your Glassware Sparkles

Whilst it is rare for diners to comment on how clean an establishment’s glassware is, dirty glassware is an all too common complaint and one that can leave a lasting impression on your reputation.

As an independent catering equipment supplier, we recognise the importance of clean glassware and know which products can help achieve the sparkle you’re after. Below are Stephensons’ top tips for ensuring your glassware is up to the high standard your customers deserve.

Your choice of warewasher will depend largely on the size of your establishment, and ensuring you choose the right size is vital. Opting for professional advice will ensure your warewasher fits your exact needs. Regular maintenance and annual servicing will also help ensure your warewasher remains reliable throughout its lifetime.

Wasting energy can incur costs similar to those incurred by loss of custom. To avoid this predicament, ensure your machine is always used to its full capacity. If your racks are only partially filled, you are effectively throwing money down the drain.

Getting the most out of your warewasher can depend very much on which detergent is used. Cheap products often fail to remove streaks and may lead to re-washes which wastes both time and money. Using a quality glass renovator every so often is a great way of renewing the sparkle in glasses which have been subjected to repeated wash cycles. Additionally, glass renovators remove films and deposits from glasses which improves both the beerhead retention and the lacing of beers.

Remnants of lipstick on the rim of glassware is a massive turn off for any customer and often acts as a precursor to increased scrutiny of your establishment. Additionally, your profits are quickly eroded as a result of replacement drinks. Using Quash Lipstick Remover can eliminate these worries for good, as its concentrate formula and foam pad are specifically designed for pre wash removal of grease and lipstick from the lip area of glassware.

Choosing the correct glassware for your wines

Choosing the correct glassware for your wines

Each variety of wine has its own characteristics which are distinctive to any other; therefore, it is important to serve your wine in glassware which is capable of exalting its unique qualities. Stephensons catering equipment has devised a brief summary to help you make the correct choice when choosing your glassware.

White wines
When white wine is introduced to the mouth, the particular shape of the glass should direct the liquid to the tip of the tongue, as it is more sensitive to sweetness. The Riedel degustazione white wine glass is shaped to allow the concentration of delicate aromas towards the nose, as well as emphasising the perception of fruit aromas often found in white wine.

Rosé wines
A Riedel restaurant chardonnay wine glass is the perfect accompaniment to a rosé wine. Its large body allows for adequate oxygenation, and aids the development of the wine’s aromas. Similar to white wine glasses, the shape should direct the wine to the tip of the tongue, accentuating its sweet qualities.

Red wines
Red wine glasses should be shaped so that the wine avoids contact with the gums, as the astringency of red wine can result in an unpleasant tactile sensation. Generally, a red wine glass should boast a large opening which stimulates the inner parts of the mouth, while its large body allows for adequate oxygenation and development of its rich aromas.

Sparkling wines
For sparkling wines, a glass with a tall, narrow body will encourage the development of perlage, as well as aiding the slow and continuous development of carbon dioxide. The only exception to this rule is aromatic sweet wine, which is better served in white wine glasses in order to direct the wine to the tip of the tongue, exalting its sweet flavour.

Raise a Cocktail Glass for Cocktail Week

Whilst some beverages drift in and out of fashion or are only popular at certain times of the year, one drink that has stood the test of time is the cocktail. Next month, London Cocktail Week will return once again to shake up our capital city, running from 8-14 October.

The week will comprise a host of seminars, pop-up bars, tastings, parties and master-classes, bringing together cocktail aficionados. It also provides an ideal opportunity for establishments around the UK to really showcase their cocktails and experiment with new flavours. Modern takes on old-fashioned classic cocktails are particularly in trend, including the “Gazpacho Bloody Mary” and the Tom Collins variant – the “Phil Collins”.

It is important to remember that when it comes to cocktails, presentation is as important as the drink, especially when selecting the cocktail glass. Whilst hi-balls, tumblers and martini glasses are all still popular choices, many establishments are differentiating themselves from other cocktail bars, by serving drinks in chic glasses to stand out from the crowd, including impressive champagne saucers, cut glassware and retro-themed drinking jars.

Tips to clean your champagne flutes

Nothing says celebration like a glass of bubbly, be it Champagne, Prosecco, Cava or sparkling wine, it’s the perfect way to put the crown on any event. However as any publican, restaurant or bar manager will tell you, all that celebrating comes with a lot of washing.

Truth is, champagne flutes need a bit more care in the washing area. Fortunately we’ve provided our top tips on how to clean those tall, narrow champagne glasses without scrubbing, to ensure a clean glass every time:

– Washing by hand – Using a very mild detergent, sparingly add a drop to each champagne glass and sponge the soap around to remove all stains or marks. Thoroughly rinse the glasses, ensuring no soap residue is left on your champagne flute as this will interfere with the flavour and affect the carbonation of the champagne.

– Machine washed method – Glasswashers are ideal, especially if your establishment serves high volumes of champagne or cocktails. Once the cycle is complete, immediately remove the glasses and hand dry with a cotton (lint-free) dish towel, to remove any water marks.

– For lipstick marks, be sure to use a lipstick remover for the pre wash removal of grease and lipstick from the lip area of the champagne glass. Remember dirty glasses leave a poor impression.

– Finally, to bring the sparkle back to your glasses or for added extra shine, steam the glasses over boiling water then polish by hand using a tea towel, holding the glass by the base whilst using your other hand to cradle the bowl and polish the bowl.