Serve Your Coffee With a Conscience

Serve Your Coffee With a Conscience

Coffee is officially the most popular drink on the planet. With over two billion cups consumed worldwide every single day, and an estimated 55 million drank daily in the UK alone, it’s official – we love coffee. And what’s not to love about a piping hot, flavourful caffeine kick? For many of us the day doesn’t start, or at least we don’t function, till we’ve been snapped into consciousness by a good old warming coffee. 

This love affair with coffee has resulted in a café-culture boom. Every single high street now seems to be pandering to our coffee addiction with new cafes and stores seemingly popping up everywhere. In fact, the UK coffee shop market is currently enjoying its biggest period of growth since 2008. And this widespread popularity is evident – just look at the tube, public transport or any city street during the hours of 7am – 10am and you’ll be drowned in a sea of coffee cups. Again at lunch, swarms will wander to the nearest caffeine-touting counter, grab a cup of coffee and leave. For many it’s a daily routine. Unfortunately, it’s a harmful one. These cups have to go somewhere, and that somewhere happens to often be a landfill.

Figures from a 2015 study by Cardiff University claim that 2.5 billion disposable cups a year are discarded. Of that massive number, it is estimated that only one in 400 is actually recycled, the rest are destined for our already brimming landfills. Some bigger companies such as Starbucks and Costa have made some efforts to reduce the effect on the environment by offering to recycle their customer’s cups, unfortunately due to a polyethylene coating, these cups are very difficult to recycle.

Fortunately, there is a solution. A solution that has all the benefits of a regular disposable coffee cup, yet is entirely environmentally friendly. This sustainable solution is the Vegware cup.

This award-winning cup is made from two layers of sustainably sourced board and instead of nasty plastic, they are insulated by plant based PLA. Here is a 100% recyclable and 100% compostable cup that doesn’t pail in comparison to a disposable. In a world where eco-consciousness is rapidly becoming one of the most important aspects for consumers, one simple change to compostable cups can do a world of good for your business and, more importantly, the environment. Click the link below to see our range of compostable cups AND entirely compostable lids, to help you save the environment one cup at a time.

Duni Christmas Catering Equipment

Duni Christmas Catering Equipment

Duni Christmas tabletop products are sure to bring festive celebrations to life. The Duni range from Stephensons Christmas catering equipment suppliers is perfect for creating Christmas magic and impressing guests.

Click here for the 2015 Duni Christmas catering equipment range

  • Duni Christmas range includes: napkins, placemats, slipcovers, tete-a-tetes, tablerunners, Christmas crackers and more
  • Bring Christmas to life with Duni
  • Festive tabletop products in red, green, blue, cream and many other colours
  • Duni Christmas catering equipment from Stephensons catering equipment suppliersDuni Christmas Winter Feeling Blue

Stephensons catering equipment suppliers are excited for the forthcoming festive season and, with this Christmas set to exceed last Christmas for consumer spending, we expect this year’s festivities to be especially lucrative for the catering and hospitality industry. Our Duni Christmas catering equipment collection is sure to enliven the tabletop and make those Christmas festivities extra special.

Restaurants, pubs, bars, hotels and other members of the catering and hospitality industry are all preparing for Christmas 2015 celebrations and the Duni Christmas catering equipment range has been especially designed to bring magic to the tabletop.

Karin Nyhuis, Chief Designer at Duni, said, “The Duni Christmas collection is a versatile fusion of new and old. It combines handmade and urban touches, different combinations of materials, Nordic inspired patterns, tactile textures, natural imperfections and fresh colours.”Duni Christmas: Duni Festive Charme Velvet

With over 40 years experience, Duni are renowned for their quality products and outstanding attention to detail. With a reputation for producing high quality goods, Duni Christmas products are sure to offer excellent performance for catering and hospitality events this Christmas.

Duni Christmas patterns include: Festive Mood White, Festive Mood Black, Glittering Stars Red, Glittering Stars Green, Glittering Stars Cream, Wood Star and Malia.

For 2015, Stephensons catering equipment suppliers are proud to introduce new Christmas patterns: Festive Charme Red, Festive Charme Velvet, Winter Feeling Blue, Winter Feeling Red, Winter Craft, Christmas Gift Cream, Christmas Gift Red, Once Upon a Time and Michelangelo.

The Duni Christmas Crackers range includes an option for every budget. Duni Executive Crackers contribute to a truly memorable Christmas experience and are guaranteed not to disappoint. These Duni Christmas crackers include high quality gifts which are sure to keep guests happy and smiling throughout their celebrations.Duni Christmas: Duni Winter Feeling Red

Click here for the full 2015 Stephensons Christmas catering equipment range

Food Safari: Stefan & Nina’s South African Adventure

Food Safari: Stefan & Nina’s South African Adventure

Swiss filmmaker, Stefan Ruegg, and his girlfriend, Nina, created a video to showcase the mouth watering foods and jaw dropping presentation of Cape Town cuisine and have inspired the catering and hospitality industry.Stefan and Nina

In a world where exciting food presentation is ridiculed by the likes of, ‘We Want Plates,’ Swiss couple Stefan and Nina have shown that serving food on wooden boards, slates and platters can reinvigorate the tabletop.

Stefan and Nina travelled to Cape Town to share their passion for filmmaking, travel, food, health and wellbeing. Along the way, they filmed every meal, restaurant and scenic view that Cape Town threw at them.

Their 3 minute video is an uplifting tribute to the beautiful foods of South Africa and inspiring food presentation.

The diversity of food that Stefan and Nina recorded acts as an eye opening exploration into the culinary landscape of Cape Town. Foods include fresh fish courses, colourful salads, decadent desserts and scrumptious sandwiches and they’re all served in different ways.

This bright and uplifting video will surely inspire the catering & hospitality industry to experiment with different foods and exciting presentation. Food is served on everything from wooden boards, slates, plain white plates and even street foods in greaseproof paper. Every meal looks as good as the last to leave the viewer drooling over their keyboard, dreaming of a South African food adventure.

In total, there are 75 food clips shown in Stefan and Nina’s ‘Food safari’ video. This delightful montage is a testament to South African cuisine and its pursuit of exhilarating food presentation.

This video first appeared on Wellness In The City, a South African health, fitness and beauty blog.


2015 Rugby World Cup Party Essentials

2015 Rugby World Cup Party Essentials

The 2015 Rugby World Cup is almost here and Stephensons catering equipment suppliers are on hand to help you celebrate! Whether you’re preparing a pub, bar or planning your own event, Stephensons have everything you need to make this World Cup a memorable one.Rugby World Cup Catering Equipment

The 2015 Rugby World Cup starts on the 18th September and lasts 6 weeks. This year’s tournament will take place across 13 venues in 11 cities throughout England and Wales and presents a great opportunity for the catering and hospitality industry to excite customers and boost income.

Henry Stephenson, Managing Director of Stephensons, said, “The Rugby World Cup will be lucrative for pubs and bars during matches and the knock on effect for restaurants, cafes and take aways makes this a great occasion for the whole industry.”

Read more about Henry’s thoughts on how the Rugby World Cup will impact the catering and hospitality industry.Plastic Disposable Glasses- pubs living wage hospitality

Here are 5 catering equipment products that are sure to make your Rugby World Cup party a success:

  1. The Yard Of Ale is a must have for any rugby themed event. Forget the scrum, the yard of ale is the true test of manliness. With a classic yard of ale shape, this glass is a rugby party must have.
  2. Ideal for parties, these Plastic Jagerbomb Tumblers are sure to set the tone for your Rugby World Cup Party. With a Jagermeister shot glass incorporated into the design, pouring the correct measure is quick and easy.
  3. There are 2 uses for Tubtrugs at a rugby party; fill one with ice for chilling drinks and use another for empties (because a party doesn’t have to be messy).
  4. Glass Beer Boots are characterful and quirky. These are great for a relaxed beer when the game is on or, for more adventurous party goers, rugby drinking games.
  5. Win or lose, nothing says ‘party’ like Red Party Cups! These disposable cups are the perfect disposable option for any party. Lose the rugby? Why not make amends and win the post match beer pong?

These 2015 Rugby World Cup essentials are fantastic for themed events and parties. Be careful not to forget the everyday essentials too. Stephensons catering equipment suppliers stock cleaning supplies, disposable glassware, beer glasses, and much more.Rugby World Cup 2015 Catering Equipment

Valentine’s Day With Stephensons Catering Equipment

Valentine’s Day With Stephensons Catering Equipment

With Saint Valentine’s Day fast approaching Stephensons catering equipment suppliers take a look at how to set the right mood for lovers celebrating their affection in your restaurant.

Whilst the history of Valentine’s Day is up for debate with varying myths and stories as romantic as the big day itself, we do know that on February 14th loved up couple’s will be exchanging cards, gifts and flowers. We also know that no Valentine’s Day is complete without an amorous Valentine’s Day meal.

Along with a Valentine’s Day sound track because you can’t beat a soppy playlist to set the mood, we would suggest that low level lighting with a warming spread of candlelight will create the perfect romantic atmosphere for love-stricken guests.

We have a range of red and white candles ideal for the occasion, including tapered candles and vibrant Bolsius Twilight Lowboy candles. You can’t go wrong with tea light candles either, they offer great value and are perfect for dotting around the restaurant and bar. Alternatively, we also stock flameless wax candles which offer fantastic versatility and come complete with timer and remote control.

Keeping to the red and white theme, we have a fantastic range of napkins and table covers. Affordable, quick and easy, the simple addition of tablecloths and napkins will transform the restaurant into a lover’s retreat. When it comes to dressing the table, it’s also worth mentioning about our new collection of Robert Welch catering equipment which includes plenty of elegantly designed tabletop pieces.

As always consider your glassware collection, you may have lost a number of glasses after the Christmas and New Year celebrations. We have plenty of amazing low prices on champagne flutes and saucers. We also stock a great range of wine buckets and coolers for those who order a bottle.

Head over to our Valentine’s Day shop for all of your Valentine’s Day catering essentials.

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