Dudson Add New White Colourway to Harvest Range

Dudson Add New White Colourway to Harvest Range

Inspired by provenance menus and designed to offer imperfect style, Dudson Harvest is a popular collection of rustic crockery.

  • Dudson unveil new range: Dudson Harvest White
  • Unadorned alternative to rustic Harvest colourways
  • Features the same shapes and styles as original Dudson Harvest
  • From Stephensons catering equipment suppliers

Previously only available in rural, natural colourways, Dudson have released an exciting new addition- Dudson Harvest White.

With the same organic shapes as the coloured alternatives, Dudson Harvest White offers a simple backdrop that allows food to take centre stage.

This white colour variant does not feature the sponge painted rims or purposeful paint blemishes that exist on the original Harvest shades, but rather provides a blank canvas that oozes purity and cleanliness.Dudson Harvest 2

Alongside its charming aesthetics, this collection maintains the durability and quality that is synonymous with Dudson.

Crockery in this collection is dishwasher safe, microwave safe and meets the British standard 4034 for product quality. Furthermore, round plates, bowls and saucers in the range feature Dudson’s Lifetime Edge Chip Warranty.

To see the full collection, please visit our Dudson Harvest Category.

Dudson Harvest Crockery from Stephensons catering equipment suppliers

Rustic Crockery from Stephensons

Rustic Crockery from Stephensons

Rustic crockery is an increasingly popular crockery style in restaurants, pubs and other dining establishments. The Stephensons rustic crockery collection is unrivalled in variety and quality with options to suit every taste and budget.

  • Rustic crockery for catering and hospitality use
  • Exciting rustic crockery collections for superb food presentation
  • Includes Churchill Stonecast, Porcelite Seasons, Dudson Harvest, Dudson Evolution, Utopia Earthh and Steelite Craft
  • From Stephensons catering equipment suppliers

The fabulous ranges in this exciting rustic crockery collection include Churchill Stonecast, Porcelite Seasons, Dudson Harvest, Dudson Evolution, Utopia Earth and Steelite Craft.

Originally consisting of 4 colours (duck egg blue, barley white, spiced orange and peppercorn grey), 2 fabulous new colourways have been introduced to the Churchill Stonecast range. Churchill Stonecast Cornflower Blue is a breathtaking and unique colourway, sure to bring style and an alluring charm to the table. Churchill Stonecast Mustard Seed Yellow is equally as charming and offers a vivacious alternative for vibrant food presentation.

Churchill Stonecast Rustic Crockery

Another superb rustic crockery range is Seasons by Porcelite. This splendid collection offers outstanding performance, a stunning rustic colour palette and handsome silhouettes. Colours in the Porcelite Seasons range include coral, stone grey, wheat cream, magma red, graphite grey, oatmeal white and the striking sea spray blue. These colours are inspired by the changing seasons and create the perfect platform for outstanding food presentation. Each piece in this Porcelite rustic crockery range has been hand decorated for an authentic style.

Porcelite Seasons Rustic Crockery

Dudson Harvest crockery is the epitome of rustic charisma. This alluring range combines style and practicality to meet the demands of the catering and hospitality industry. Every piece in this collection has been especially designed to exaggerate purposeful imperfections whilst the hand sponged rims create unique characteristics. In the spirit of harvest, Dudson Harvest features embossments of barley and wheat which embrace rural style on the tabletop.

dudson harvest rustic crockery

Dudson Evolution boasts a handmade effect while adding a contemporary twist. Each Dudson Evolution piece is unique with a variance in colour and glaze. Dudson Evolution features a unique ceramic body developed with the prime objective of reducing the carbon footprint created during the manufacturing process. Produced using a 100% lead-free ThermECO glaze and requiring only one firing process, this exciting range of tableware has a significantly reduced impact upon the environment. Manufacturing ceramic products has traditionally been costly to the environment, with firing and glazing in particular requiring high energy use. Dudson Evolution is just as strong and durable as other Dudson ceramic products.

Dudson Evolution Rustic Crockery

Utopia Earth is a delightful collection of rustic plates, bowls and mugs. This handsome rustic crockery range brings an attractive, characterful quality to the tabletop. Utopia Earth is a delightful fusion of style and resilience and is sturdy enough to withstand a rigorous commercial environment. Distinctive shaping of plates and bowls in this range distinguish Utopia Earth as a unique and handsome rustic crockery choice. Utopia Earth is available in 4 colours: thistle grey, linen beige, mocha crown and cinnamon red.

Utopia Earth Rustic Crockery

Steelite Craft is a thrilling mixture of style and practicality. Undoubtedly alluring, Steelite Craft is also sturdy and resilient for use in the catering and hospitality industry. The rustic Steelite Craft range embodies the beauty of rich glazes which have been lovingly applied by hand. The individual finishes are a result of the gem like glaze which is coupled perfectly with the naturally occurring effects achieved in the kiln. This unique crockery collection is available in a variety of colours including blue, green, brown, terracotta, grey and white. These natural colours compliment the simple rural designs of the plates, bowls, cups, and cookware found throughout the Steelite Craft collection.

Steelite Craft Rustic Crockery


Stephensons to showcase its on-trend cafe wares at next week’s Caffé Culture Show

As mentioned previously, Stephensons Catering Equipment Suppliers will be debuting at this year’s Caffé Culture Show next Wednesday and Thursday (15th & 16th May) at London’s Olympia. With less than a week to go, all the team are busy preparing!

We are sharing stand F6 at the show with Metcalfe Catering Equipment, one of the premier manufacturers and suppliers of commercial food preparation equipment in the UK.

We will be bringing some of the latest product trends to London for the Caffé Culture Show including Duralex, Steelite and Dudson coffee cups and saucers, and Elia buffetware, perfect for creating a memorable visual experience for customers.

For those looking to keep up-to-date with the latest presentation trends and wanting to move away from traditional white tableware, we will also be showcasing Churchill’s vintage print high tea range and Steelite Craft, a rustic range. On display will also be the new Dudson Evolution Granite range, perfect if you want your establishment to replicate this season’s colour of choice, grey.

We look forward to seeing you at the show!

For further information visit the Caffé Culture Show website.

Dudson continues to impress with its dynamic Elements collection

Dudson is a bona fide world-leader of tableware manufacture; its collections grace some of the finest restaurants and hotels across the globe.

Grounded in over 200 years of fine china manufacturing history and located in the heart of The Potteries, Dudson has risen to the challenge of today’s diverse dining environment, combining cutting edge design and state-of-the-art manufacturing, with a genuine knowledge of emerging  industry trends.

In Stephensons’ opinion, there are few crockery items more impressive than those in the four ranges which make up the Dudson Elements collection.

Dudson Elements Air, Earth, Fire and Water are truly stand-out lines, with designs capable of enhancing the flair and creativity of any dish. The collection’s glass bowls and plates are ideal for serving dishes, such as Mediterranean salads and grilled fish, whilst the fine china bowls work perfectly with traditional favourites like lamb shank and sausage and mash.

From the dynamic and vivid sculpted shapes of the Dudson Fire range, to the angular, yet fluid shapes of the Air range, Dudson Elements is a signature collection guaranteed to make a dramatic tabletop statement at even the most discerning establishments.

Tips for perfect plate presentation

Tips for perfect plate presentation

Here at Stephensons, we know how important it is when it comes to plating up food and setting your dishes apart from the competition. An artistic layout of various foods on the plate plays a crucial role in winning over and satisfying diners.

Whether you are a gastro-pub, a modern cafe or a restaurant, when plating food the top consideration is coordination of colours, shapes, sizes, textures, and flavours, as well as a nice plate. A good choice is The Dudson Precision Range, as the pure whiteness of the fine china shows off food extremely well.

Slates are great for starters, canapés and daintier dishes which you would expect to find in haute cuisine dining. They provide a blank canvas for chefs to be creative with their plating, whilst at the same time providing the perfect frame.

Accent pieces like wooden chopping boards are ideal for adding a bit of style to the more uninteresting dishes such as bread and butter.

Finally make sure the plate holds food comfortably; giving the perfect appearance that is not too overcrowded.

Stephensons evolves with new environmentally friendly product line

Stephensons evolves with new environmentally friendly product line

Stephensons is delighted to announce new additions to its environmentally-friendly catering equipment range, with the re-launch of the Evolution collection by Dudson.

The latest range – which is the lowest carbon footprint ceramic product line available worldwide – features two new shades, Pearl and Jet, alongside the original sand colour. The re-launch will also welcome five new additional pieces, including an espresso cup; oatmeal dish; taster cup and coupe plate.

With the use of lead-free ThermECO glaze and once fired technology, Dudson has reduced the environmental impact throughout the manufacturing process of its range, using 79% less carbon than its rivals. The range has a rustic, handmade appearance for an ideal dining experience and is available now from www.stephensons.com .