Stephensons Unveil Advertising Board at Stockport County

Stephensons Unveil Advertising Board at Stockport County

Stephensons are delighted to announce the unveiling of an advertising board at Edgeley Park, the home of Stockport County Football Club. The Stephensons board will be in front of the Danny Bergara Stand for the duration of the 2016/17 season.

Simon Dawson, Stockport County Commercial Manager, said, “Stephensons are well known across the North West and among the largest employers in Stockport, so we’re delighted to have them onboard.

“I have personally worked with Stephensons in the past and know them to be very professional and easy to work with.

“It’s great to be working alongside a company with the interests of Stockport at their heart and I am looking forward to a long relationship between Stephensons and Stockport County.”

Stockport County Stephensons advertising board

Originally referred to as the Main Stand, the Hardcastle Road terrace was renamed in 2012 in honour of former manager, Danny Bergara. Born in Uruguay, Bergara became County manager in 1989 and led the Hatters into the Third Division.

The Danny Bergara Stand contains 2,020 seats (including 405 executive seats) as well as the player’s changing rooms, boardroom, various staff offices and several bars. The team dugouts and substitute benches are positioned in front of this stand.

Steelite International Under New Ownership

Steelite International Under New Ownership

Steelite International, leading manufacturer of tabletop products for the catering and hospitality industry, have been acquired by John Miles and PNC Riverarch Capital.

John Miles has been appointed as CEO of Steelite International, “Having worked in the business for twenty years and served as president of the Americas division for the past eleven years, it fills me with immense pride to have made this personal investment alongside PNC Riverarch.

“Steelite International is known as the leader in the hospitality tableware industry and our goal is to continue that leadership through the introduction of new, creative and innovative products. We will continue the investment in the manufacturing sector to improve efficiencies, service levels and provide value added to our customers. I look forward to working with our management team to grow and improve the business.”

Michael Rost, Managing Director of PNC Riverarch, commented, “We are very pleased to have the opportunity to partner with John Miles and Steelite. The company’s focus on product quality, innovation, and customer service has driven strong brand recognition and attractive financial performance.”

As a result of the acquisition, Former Steelite CEO Kevin Oakes has acquired Royal Crown Derby after a 39 year tenure at Steelite International.

Kevin Oakes said, “Steelite International has been my life’s work and I am honoured to have been part of such a committed and passionate team. I firmly believe that Steelite International is the best in the world and the people, products and company values are testament to this collective success.

“I now look forward to an exciting future working with Steelite International who will represent Royal Crown Derby in the hospitality market.”

Henry Stephenson, Managing Director of Stephensons catering equipment suppliers, said, “We have a fantastic relationship with Steelite and look forward to a prosperous future with them.

“I would especially like to thank Kevin Oakes and say what a fantastic job he has done at Steelite. Kevin has been a pleasure to work with and I wish him every success with Royal Crown Derby.”

Steelite Under New Ownership- Steelite Craft

The Kitchen Suite at Stephensons

The Kitchen Suite at Stephensons

Purpose built to replicate a commercial kitchen, The Kitchen Suite at Stephensons hosts interactive equipment demonstrations from industry leading brands.

With limited seating and an informal, friendly atmosphere, this bespoke kitchen holds up to 15 guests.

Product demonstrations at The Kitchen Suite include Rational and Robot Coupe among other renowned equipment manufacturers.

To book your place on one of our demonstrations, please fill in the form below.

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Making the most of Outdoor Dining opportunities

Making the most of Outdoor Dining opportunities

Outdoor Dining


Summer is upon us, and outdoor dining – a ‘hot trend’ according to MasterChef finalist John Calton – is hoped to attract more people than ever. With spending expected to increase by an average of 14.2% over the period, now is the time to get involved.

Operators can take full advantage of outdoor space by furnishing it with tables, chairs, and picnic benches. Outdoor seating can increase revenue by up to 30%, so the investment can be expected to pay off long-term.

With the arrival of summer comes a natural increase in beer intake. With an outdoor suntrap available, beer sales can increase by between 10 and 15%, making summer the perfect time to invest in beer mats, bar trays and quality plastic glassware. When the sun comes out to play, customers will too – and they will want to take their drinks with them.

Summertime provides plenty of opportunity to entertain, and venues should be looking to maximise sales by providing sun-starved Brits with beer garden space for all. To find out what Stephensons can do to help, download our outdoor dining report here or give us a call on 0161 483 625.

Brexit or Bremain? What the UK hospitality industry thinks about the EU referendum

Brexit or Bremain? What the UK hospitality industry thinks about the EU referendum

  • RPBi survey claims 49% of UK hospitality operators want to leave EU
  • BHA survey claims 74% of hospitality businesses want to remain
  • Tim Martin prints anti-EU Wetherspoon beer mats
  • Al Murray prints anti-Tim Martin beer mats
  • Blog by Stephensons catering equipment suppliers

A survey by RPBi, a hospitality data and news specialist, has found that 49% of UK hospitality operators plan to vote leave in this week’s EU referendum.

According to RPBi, 43% of the surveyed voters will vote to remain in the EU whilst 7% are undecided. 1% did not respond.

The survey of 1,915 hospitality business owners and senior staff revealed that 44% of respondents think leaving the EU will have a negative effect on the UK economy whilst 36% think leaving will have a positive effect.

Keith Britten, Director of RPBi, said, “After analysing the comments and survey results, the one key fact that stands out is that whichever way people decide to vote, the majority believe that a leave vote would have a negative impact on the economy. However, those voting to leave suggest that the negative impact will be short-lived and the benefits will be reaped in the long-term.

In contrast to RPBi, the British Hospitality Association (BHA) have revealed results of their survey from 41 industry leading companies including Café Nero, AccorHotels and Casual Dining Group. The survey results show that 74% of hospitality firms plan to vote in favour of staying in the EU.

With 30% of the current hospitality workforce being made up of migrant workers, respondents to the BHA survey say that a Brexit vote would have a negative impact on staffing.

Elsewhere, JD Wetherspoon founder Tim Martin has taken a pro-active approach to Brexit campaigning. Martin has printed 700,000 beer mats to encourage Wetherspoon’s customers to vote ‘leave’.

On one side of the latest batch of beer mats, Tim Martin has written an open letter to George Osbourne addressing the ‘undemocratic’ nature of the European Union. The reverse side accuses David Cameron and George Osbourne of trying to ‘fool the public using scare stories from cronies or subordinates.’

In response to Tim Martin’s Brexit beer mats, ‘Pub Landlord’ Al Murray ridiculed the Wetherspoon’s boss. Writing in The Guardian, Murray said that Tim Martin has broken ‘one of the all-time golden rules of pubs: never talk about politics.’

<img class="size-medium wp-image-6444 alignright" src="×300.jpg" alt="Brexit- Hospitality Industry" width="300" height="300" srcset="×300.jpg 300w,×150.jpg 150w,×768.jpg 768w,×115 prix viagra pharmacie france.jpg 115w,×65.jpg 65w, 965w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />Mocking Wetherspoon’s drinkers, Murray writes that, ‘Wetherspoons customers are exactly the sort of people who will be susceptible to this line of argument: they are in these places because they are thrifty, they watch their spending.’

Al Murray even released his own light-hearted beer mats to counter-act those of Tim Martin.

Whichever way the voters decide, Keith Britten, Director of RPBi, says the hospitality industry needs to remain together. Britten says that, ‘It will be important for companies and trade bodies to watch the developments and the potential impact on hospitality and to react as one industry and not, as has too often happened in the past, as individual sectors.’

RPBi EU Referendum Survey:]

Brexit vote: Three quarters of hospitality CEO’s back Remain:

JD Wetherspoon Prints 500,000 More Brexit Mats Attacking George Osbourne:

Move Over Wetherspoons, here’s the Pub Landlord’s Brexit Beer Mats:

Al Murray Beer Mats:

Light Hearted News 6- Catering And Hospitality News

Light Hearted News 6- Catering And Hospitality News

Welcome back to Light Hearted Catering and Hospitality News, a feature that takes a not so serious look at the goings on within the catering and hospitality industry from Stephensons catering equipment suppliers.

In this edition, McDonalds sell their best kept secret, a Wetherspoon’s pub becomes a star of the big screen, a hotel in Liverpool releases an emoji menu, mac ‘n’ cheese sees a resurgence and Gourmet Burger Kitchen get in, then back out, of trouble.

Catering & Hospitality News


Gourmet Burger Kitchen have removed adverts from the London Underground following complaints by vegetarians. The GBK anti-vegetarian campaign included adverts such as a picture of a cow with the slogan, ‘They Eat Grass So You Don’t Have To’. In the wake of GBK’s adverts, the hashtag #GourmetMurderKitchen began to trend on Twitter as people claimed the chain were making a mockery of vegetarianism. Ironically, a OnePulse survey of 1,500 people found that more people were willing to eat at Gourmet Burger Kitchen following the campaign. 73% of respondents said the adverts have no effect on their choice to eat at GBK, 14% said they were more likely to eat there and 13% said they were less likely.

Would You Like a Burger With That?

McDonalds have given customers the chance to buy one of the best kept secrets in the food service industry…their iconic Big Mac Sauce. The Big Mac Sauce has never been available for purchase in the UK, unless sold on a Big Mac or limited edition burger. However, McDonalds put a single 740ml bottle of the special sauce on eBay earlier this month to raise money for their Ronald McDonald House Charities. The auction concluded on 10th February and sold for a whopping £65,900! (Burger, fries and drink not included.)

You’re Taking the ‘Mac’key

Macaroni and cheese has seen outstanding growth in British restaurants since 2010. Over the past six years, mac ‘n’ cheese has seen growth of 550%, according to the Horizons Menu Trends Survey. Horizons’ analyst Nicola Knight said, “Macaroni cheese was once a cheap, comfort food for home cooking but has now become a favourite on menus. It’s a huge success story for restaurants and pubs and shows that chefs have returned to some of our old favourites by giving them a new twist with modern ingredients.”

Service with a Smile

The Aloft Hotel in Liverpool have launched the World’s first emoji room service menu. Guests are encouraged to text their room service orders using emoji symbols on their phones. Menu options include a Hangover Special, The Sightseer and The Munchies; their Hangover Special includes water, a bacon sandwich and a banana, The Sightseer includes two bottles of water, a map and two bananas and The Munchies includes Coca-Cola, Kettle Chips, a donut and a Nutri-Grain bar. Aloft have called their unique emoji service ‘TiGi’ which is an acronym of ‘Text it, Get it’.

Star of the Big Screen

JD Wetherspoon’s Powder Monkey pub in Exmouth recently became a star of the big screen in The Big Short. US businessman, Ben Hockett (played by Brad Pitt), used the internet connection in the Powder Monkey to complete a $79 million dollar deal. Based on the same-titled book by Michael Lewis, The Big Short tells the true story of hedge fund managers who bet against the banks during the 2007 recession with odds of 80 to 1. In Lewis’ book he writes, “None of the enthusiastic British drinkers seemed to mind, or even notice, the American in the corner bashing on his Bloomberg machine and talking into his cell phone from two in the afternoon until 11 at night.”

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