Rustic Crockery from Stephensons

Rustic Crockery from Stephensons

Rustic crockery is an increasingly popular crockery style in restaurants, pubs and other dining establishments. The Stephensons rustic crockery collection is unrivalled in variety and quality with options to suit every taste and budget.

  • Rustic crockery for catering and hospitality use
  • Exciting rustic crockery collections for superb food presentation
  • Includes Churchill Stonecast, Porcelite Seasons, Dudson Harvest, Dudson Evolution, Utopia Earthh and Steelite Craft
  • From Stephensons catering equipment suppliers

The fabulous ranges in this exciting rustic crockery collection include Churchill Stonecast, Porcelite Seasons, Dudson Harvest, Dudson Evolution, Utopia Earth and Steelite Craft.

Originally consisting of 4 colours (duck egg blue, barley white, spiced orange and peppercorn grey), 2 fabulous new colourways have been introduced to the Churchill Stonecast range. Churchill Stonecast Cornflower Blue is a breathtaking and unique colourway, sure to bring style and an alluring charm to the table. Churchill Stonecast Mustard Seed Yellow is equally as charming and offers a vivacious alternative for vibrant food presentation.

Churchill Stonecast Rustic Crockery

Another superb rustic crockery range is Seasons by Porcelite. This splendid collection offers outstanding performance, a stunning rustic colour palette and handsome silhouettes. Colours in the Porcelite Seasons range include coral, stone grey, wheat cream, magma red, graphite grey, oatmeal white and the striking sea spray blue. These colours are inspired by the changing seasons and create the perfect platform for outstanding food presentation. Each piece in this Porcelite rustic crockery range has been hand decorated for an authentic style.

Porcelite Seasons Rustic Crockery

Dudson Harvest crockery is the epitome of rustic charisma. This alluring range combines style and practicality to meet the demands of the catering and hospitality industry. Every piece in this collection has been especially designed to exaggerate purposeful imperfections whilst the hand sponged rims create unique characteristics. In the spirit of harvest, Dudson Harvest features embossments of barley and wheat which embrace rural style on the tabletop.

dudson harvest rustic crockery

Dudson Evolution boasts a handmade effect while adding a contemporary twist. Each Dudson Evolution piece is unique with a variance in colour and glaze. Dudson Evolution features a unique ceramic body developed with the prime objective of reducing the carbon footprint created during the manufacturing process. Produced using a 100% lead-free ThermECO glaze and requiring only one firing process, this exciting range of tableware has a significantly reduced impact upon the environment. Manufacturing ceramic products has traditionally been costly to the environment, with firing and glazing in particular requiring high energy use. Dudson Evolution is just as strong and durable as other Dudson ceramic products.

Dudson Evolution Rustic Crockery

Utopia Earth is a delightful collection of rustic plates, bowls and mugs. This handsome rustic crockery range brings an attractive, characterful quality to the tabletop. Utopia Earth is a delightful fusion of style and resilience and is sturdy enough to withstand a rigorous commercial environment. Distinctive shaping of plates and bowls in this range distinguish Utopia Earth as a unique and handsome rustic crockery choice. Utopia Earth is available in 4 colours: thistle grey, linen beige, mocha crown and cinnamon red.

Utopia Earth Rustic Crockery

Steelite Craft is a thrilling mixture of style and practicality. Undoubtedly alluring, Steelite Craft is also sturdy and resilient for use in the catering and hospitality industry. The rustic Steelite Craft range embodies the beauty of rich glazes which have been lovingly applied by hand. The individual finishes are a result of the gem like glaze which is coupled perfectly with the naturally occurring effects achieved in the kiln. This unique crockery collection is available in a variety of colours including blue, green, brown, terracotta, grey and white. These natural colours compliment the simple rural designs of the plates, bowls, cups, and cookware found throughout the Steelite Craft collection.

Steelite Craft Rustic Crockery


Porcelite Seasons Crockery

Porcelite Seasons Crockery

Stephensons are delighted to introduce Porcelite Seasons. This crockery collection brings rustic charm to the tabletop and includes a selection of breathtaking colours.

Porcelite Seasons Banner

  • Porcelite Seasons crockery
  • Rustic plates, bowls, mugs, jugs and pots
  • Stunning colours include Sea Spray Blue, Coral, Stone Grey, Wheat Cream, Magma Red, Graphite Grey and Oatmeal White
  • From Stephensons catering equipment suppliers

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With a fabulous colour palette and striking tabletop presence, Porcelite Seasons exudes rustic charm. Porcelite Seasons is a handsome and resilient collection of plates, bowls, jugs and pots. 

Porcelite Seasons is available in 7 striking colourways: Sea Spray Blue, Coral, Stone Grey, Wheat Cream, Magma Red, Graphite Grey and Oatmeal White. These colours are inspired by the changing seasons and create the perfect platform for outstanding food presentation.

Each piece in this range is hand decorated for an authentic feel. As such, items in this collection have unique and individual characteristics which add to the allure of Seasons.

Porcelite have a reputation for creating tough and sturdy crockery that can withstand the hustle and bustle of commercial use and this collection is no different. The Porcelite Seasons range is fully vitrified, dishwasher safe, microwave safe and freezer safe.

Coupe plates, coupe bowls and oval plates in this collection feature a 5 year edge chip warranty which is a reassuring promise that Porcelite Seasons will deliver longevity and superb performance.

View the Stephensons catering equipment suppliers Porcelite Seasons Range to find out more.Porcelite Seasons Stone

Other new rustic crockery ranges include updated colours of Churchill Stonecast and Utopia Earth.


How to make the Perfect Caesar Salad

How to make the Perfect Caesar Salad

The 4th July, a date mostly associated with Independence Day, is set to share the spotlight with National Caesar Salad Day this year!

A classic recipe originating in 1924 (the year Stephensons turned 56!), the salad has become popular as both a side dish and a main course.  Here at Stephensons catering equipment, we’re celebrating by sharing some top tips on how to make the perfect Caesar salad:

There are a surprising number of salad greens available nowadays. Whilst the Caesar salad itself is quite a simple dish, your choice of greens can add great character to it. Mixing aggressive greens with sweeter greens will entice the palette – and tearing your greens as opposed to cutting them with a knife will prevent premature browning.

One of the most difficult things to perfect when making a Caesar salad is striking the balance between dressing and lettuce. To avoid your salad becoming too soggy or bland, make your dressing in a separate bowl, adding it in a little at a time until the desired moistness has been achieved.  The lettuce should only be lightly coated in sauce.

Using good quality croutons will make a huge difference. Larger supermarkets will often sell croutons made specifically for Caesar salads. If you’d prefer to make your own croutons – you can do so by cubing some homemade bread, drizzling it with oil and baking it at around 180 degrees.

Keep it simple!
The great thing about Caesar salad is that there are limitless variations. Adding ingredients such as grilled poultry, shellfish, anchovies, bacon or cheese can totally transform your dish. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but remember the beauty of the Caesar salad is its simplicity – something which could be compromised by adding too many ingredients.

In the spotlight – Porcelite Crockery

In the spotlight – Porcelite Crockery

Porcelite Catering Crockery - Stephensons

Our first blog of the week is going to profile our range of Porcelite Vitrified Hotelware. Porcelite is one of the fastest growing brands in the hospitality industry, largely due to its enviable reputation of being able to cope with the toughest of environments.

Each item of Porcelite crockery is accredited with the British Standard BS4034 that sets strict guidelines for quality, durability, hardness, stackability, appliance suitability, edge chip resistance, water absorption and staining.

The stunning collection comes in a number of styles, ideally suited to the rigours of restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs, all helping to add a contemporary twist to foodservice; the Porcelite Standard Range encompasses stylish modern designs, the Porcelite Banquet Lightweight is up to 30% lighter but incredibly tough, whilst the Porcelite Squared range offers soft square shapes, ideal for modern food presentations, and finally the Porcelite Creations range is perfect for signature dishes and buffet presentations.

Take a look at the range here or on pages 66 – 71 of our 2012 catalogue