Churchill Autumn Additions Now In Our Showroom and Online!

Churchill Autumn Additions Now In Our Showroom and Online!

For many, autumn means brown leaves and shorter days. Despite this, there is some cheerfulness to be found because the change in the seasons has also signalled the release of Churchill’s new Autumn 17 range. Read on for the lowdown on these exciting new items!

In line with the continuing revival of studio pottery, the Raku collection celebrates the heritage of traditional glazing techniques. A stylish Agate Grey tone is the latest colour addition to this already popular collection. There is also a brand spanking new range of six oblong plates in three key sizes, and these are available in Topaz Blue and Quartz Black.

Raku Studio Prints Agate Grey

Find Raku Agate Grey Here!

Hints is an exciting new collection from the Stonecast range. The concept for the Hints range is motivated by those who like the rustic Stonecast look, but would prefer it with a splash of colour. Stonecast Hints is hand decorated with a fine coloured speckle, the same speckle colour is hand applied to the edge to create a stippled band, achieving a rustic finish.

The Bamboo range has been given a colourful twist with the arrival of two new feature colours – Dusk and Mist. The two tones are inspired by the shades of the landscape and they make exciting new complementary additions to this series of durable yet elegant tableware.

Cool Slate Blue is a new colour within the Homespun collection. This shade works to create a stunning dark canvas for showcasing a range of cuisines, and it is available in a range of core shapes and sizes to suit your dining needs. The Homespun design is essentially a blending of contemporary sophistication with fond nostalgia.

Homespun Slate Blue

View the extensive range!

The new additions to the Vintage Prints range are ideal to incorporate with the existing items in the range, to add colour and pattern to traditional whitewear or for mixing eclectically with Stonecast and Studio Prints collections. The trend for vintage chic is very much in the fashion spotlight and this range typifies this popular aesthetic.

Stonecast is an exciting collection of rustic and hand decorated products inspired by the changing seasons and fresh ingredients. Stonecast is hand decorated with a fine speckle and rustic edge in a rich golden brown. Bringing rustic charm to cookware, this range available in Barley White. The seven new cookware items are designed to complement all existing Stonecast ranges – HintsColours and Patina. They are also ideal for mixing and matching with other Churchill collections.

Stonecast Cookware

7 New Barley White Items Here!

From the Churchill Alchemy Buffet range comes Melamine Trace – a versatile, strong and practical collection of serving bowls that feature an alluring, rounded shape. This collection is based upon the twin combination of handsome aesthetics and trustable durability. The Melamine Trace comes in two distinct finishes. The matt white provides an understated-yet-stylish palette for exciting food presentation whereas the speckled granite grey finish makes for a contemporary take on the serving bowl.

Melamine Trace Bowls

Alchemy Additions Arrive!

These New Churchill Items Are Now On Display In The Stephenson’s Showroom!

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Stephenson's Showroom

All of the new Autumn 17 Churchill items are available to view in our Stephenson’s showroom and one of our experienced advisors will be more than happy to show you the range and talk you through the best options and combinations to suit your needs. A visit to the largest cash & carry showroom in the North is more than worth your time!

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Churchill Studio Prints Raku

Churchill Studio Prints Raku

Churchill have released an exciting and hotly anticipated new crockery range: Churchill Studio Prints Raku.

Churchill Studio Prints Raku is a unique, alluring collection of plates and bowls. Featuring a distinctive topaz blue colourway and handsome silhouettes, this range has a charming tabletop presence that suits casual and formal dining alike.

‘Raku’ refers to Japanese earthenware that has thick walls and dark glazes but also translates to mean comfort or pleasure. Churchill have modernised the raku crockery style with this refreshing collection that provides an inspiring palette for creative food presentation.

Taking inspiration from a traditional glazing process in which a design is printed underneath the glaze to develop a protective layer over the decoration, Raku has a lightly dappled texture. Emulating an artisan glaze finish, this collection combines impressive aesthetics with outstanding durability.

Churchill Studio Prints Raku is also strong and practical. This crockery is dishwasher and microwave safe and features super vitrified bodies.

Churchill’s super vitrified bodies are among the strongest in the world and ensure long lasting performance. These items have been especially designed to meet the demands of a fast paced professional environment and offer metal mark and thermal shock resistance.

Furthermore, Churchill’s super vitrified products meet the quality standard of the British Standards Institute, BS 4034, and are manufactured under the world-renowned ISO 9001 quality management system.

Crockery in this collection is built to withstand 5000 dishwasher cycles and features fully glazed bodies and glazed feet to prevent scratching when stacked. Churchill’s ecoglaze is a high performance glaze that enhances product performance and extends its service life.

Churchill are a leading manufacturer of high quality ceramic tableware with a long, illustrious history in the catering and hospitality industry. Churchill continue to make crockery in Stoke-on-Trent and have deep-rooted origins in the Potteries that reach back to 1795.

Churchill Studio Prints Raku Introductory Offer: 30% OFF MANUFACTURER'S LIST PRICE

Churchill Studio Prints Raku Banner

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Dudson Add New White Colourway to Harvest Range

Dudson Add New White Colourway to Harvest Range

Inspired by provenance menus and designed to offer imperfect style, Dudson Harvest is a popular collection of rustic crockery.

  • Dudson unveil new range: Dudson Harvest White
  • Unadorned alternative to rustic Harvest colourways
  • Features the same shapes and styles as original Dudson Harvest
  • From Stephensons catering equipment suppliers

Previously only available in rural, natural colourways, Dudson have released an exciting new addition- Dudson Harvest White.

With the same organic shapes as the coloured alternatives, Dudson Harvest White offers a simple backdrop that allows food to take centre stage.

This white colour variant does not feature the sponge painted rims or purposeful paint blemishes that exist on the original Harvest shades, but rather provides a blank canvas that oozes purity and cleanliness.Dudson Harvest 2

Alongside its charming aesthetics, this collection maintains the durability and quality that is synonymous with Dudson.

Crockery in this collection is dishwasher safe, microwave safe and meets the British standard 4034 for product quality. Furthermore, round plates, bowls and saucers in the range feature Dudson’s Lifetime Edge Chip Warranty.

To see the full collection, please visit our Dudson Harvest Category.

Dudson Harvest Crockery from Stephensons catering equipment suppliers

Steelite International Under New Ownership

Steelite International Under New Ownership

Steelite International, leading manufacturer of tabletop products for the catering and hospitality industry, have been acquired by John Miles and PNC Riverarch Capital.

John Miles has been appointed as CEO of Steelite International, “Having worked in the business for twenty years and served as president of the Americas division for the past eleven years, it fills me with immense pride to have made this personal investment alongside PNC Riverarch.

“Steelite International is known as the leader in the hospitality tableware industry and our goal is to continue that leadership through the introduction of new, creative and innovative products. We will continue the investment in the manufacturing sector to improve efficiencies, service levels and provide value added to our customers. I look forward to working with our management team to grow and improve the business.”

Michael Rost, Managing Director of PNC Riverarch, commented, “We are very pleased to have the opportunity to partner with John Miles and Steelite. The company’s focus on product quality, innovation, and customer service has driven strong brand recognition and attractive financial performance.”

As a result of the acquisition, Former Steelite CEO Kevin Oakes has acquired Royal Crown Derby after a 39 year tenure at Steelite International.

Kevin Oakes said, “Steelite International has been my life’s work and I am honoured to have been part of such a committed and passionate team. I firmly believe that Steelite International is the best in the world and the people, products and company values are testament to this collective success.

“I now look forward to an exciting future working with Steelite International who will represent Royal Crown Derby in the hospitality market.”

Henry Stephenson, Managing Director of Stephensons catering equipment suppliers, said, “We have a fantastic relationship with Steelite and look forward to a prosperous future with them.

“I would especially like to thank Kevin Oakes and say what a fantastic job he has done at Steelite. Kevin has been a pleasure to work with and I wish him every success with Royal Crown Derby.”

Steelite Under New Ownership- Steelite Craft

How To Care For Kitchen Knives

How To Care For Kitchen Knives

Keep your professional chef knives in peak condition by following these top tips from Stephensons catering equipment suppliers.

Don’t Leave Knives In the Sink

There’s nothing worse than leaving sharp knives in dirty sink water where an unsuspecting kitchen porter might cut themselves when washing up. Not only is this dangerous, but it can also damage the knives. Knives can get scratched, bent, broken and corroded when left in the sink so wash you knives, dry them and put them away straight after use.

Wash and Dry Your Knives By Hand

Avoid putting knives in the dishwasher to prevent blade damage during the wash cycle. Rather than leaving knives in the dish rack to dry off, prevent mold and mildew growth by drying your knives by hand as soon as they’re clean.

Don’t Use Hard Chopping Boards

Purpose built chopping boards are the best for blade longevity. These boards are soft on the blade and prevent permanent knife damage. Avoid using solid surfaces such as metal countertops, glass, marble or granite and invest in plastic or wooden chopping boards.

Store Knives Separately From Other Utensils

Storing knives with utensils and other cutlery can cause damage such as nicks and scratches. We strongly recommend storing knives in knife cases or wallets to keep them in peak condition or using a magnetic knife rack in the kitchen.

Sharpen Your Knives

Consider taking your knives to a professional knife sharpener at least once a year and use a sharpening steel, whetstone or professional knife sharpener to retain a sharp blade on a daily basis. View our knife sharpeners and accessories for more information.

What Is Kinfolk?

What Is Kinfolk?

Kilfolk is a cult movement that encourages its followers to shun the baggage of their busy lives in favour of simpler, plainer lifestyles. In the catering and hospitality industry, kinfolk is recognisable by its blend of Nordic style and simple rusticity.

Kinfolk has a strong social media presence, especially on the likes of Instagram and tumblr, where people share artistic pictures of retro cars, round rimmed spectacles and white framed bicycles under the kinfolk theme. Interestingly food and drink have a prominent place within kinfolk; many kinfolk-style pictures are of latte art, ice cream and snacks.

Kinfolk has a growing following throughout the catering and hospitality industry as restaurants, bars and cafes embrace the trend. So, what does kinfolk look like?

In its simplest form, kinfolk consists of plain white crockery, simply shaped cutlery and an otherwise sparse tabletop. The most prominent colours of this theme are white, grey, light brown and variations on these shades. However, dashes of rural colours are also acceptable in small quantities, such as subtle red, blue and yellow.

What is kinfolk? churchill stonecast_1


Kinfolk-style crockery brings rustic, understated styles to the tabletop. Ranges such as Dudson Evo, Churchill Stonecast and Steelite Craft epitomise the kinfolk theme with their earthy colourways and simple silhouettes.

Although white, beige and light brown colours are normally associated with kinfolk, this trend also encourages dashes of colour. Colourful crockery can be used as the centrepiece of a kinfolk tabletop, although its surroundings should be modest and plain.

For example, the Churchill Stonecast range offers colours such as Spiced Orange, Cornflower Blue and Mustard Seed Yellow. These colours have been inspired by the changing seasons and are in keeping with kinfolk but should be accompanied by modest cutlery and an otherwise stark tabletop.

Understated ranges such as Dudson Curve, Art de Cuisine Menu, Steelite Simplicity and Porcelite Squared provide a clean and minimalist palette to meet the kinfolk trend whilst also expressing style and subtle flair. White crockery with clean shapes typify kinfolk’s notion of style and quality without being overbearing.

What is kinfolk? naturally med olive wood

Sides and Food Presentation

Establishments that embrace kinfolk often combine their crockery with wooden tableware and unique side dishes. Wood has its place within kinfolk as a rural, organic way to present food. For example, Churchill’s Art de Cuisine collection of deli boards, crates and paddles combine stylishly with modestly coloured tableware to express kinfolk on the tabletop.

Meanwhile, Churchill Bit On The Side Plant Pots are the ideal base for serving sides, nibbles and desserts to suit kinfolk-style establishments; their earthy colourways and understated quirkiness are the perfect base to suit this trend. Naturally Med olive wood boards and bowls also compliment the kinfolk style with their organic appearance and subdued style.

What is Kinfolk? duralex manhattan glasses

Drink Presentation

Hot drink glasses are a stylish and unassuming way to serve tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Without an overpowering tabletop presence, Double Walled Coffee Glasses certainly meet the requirements of kinfolk. Their subtle shaping and handsome style offer a sophisticated platform for serving hot drinks without demanding attention.

Alternatively, the Avebury Stoneware range exudes homely charm and Avebury Mugs are a stylish and understated drink option. This collection features a simple, traditional design that expresses kinfolk style for hot and cold drinks alike.

For cold drinks, unassuming glassware, such as items in the Duralex range, are great for sophisticated and simple presentation that suits this trend.

churchill durban cutlery


A kinfolk tabletop should feature unfussy, high quality cutlery that does not distract from the subdued theme. In keeping with the unassuming style of kinfolk, ranges such as Churchill Sola Durban and Artis Chatsworth offer uncomplicated cutlery options. Collections in the Pintinox stone washed range have a rustic, vintage feel that also epitomise kinfolk-style.