Stephensons Named First Exclusive UK Bolsius Supplier

Stephensons Named First Exclusive UK Bolsius Supplier

Stephensons have been unveiled as the first of 5 exclusive UK suppliers of Bolsius candles.

Stephensons have been selling Bolsius candles for a number of years and will now be able to offer even better value and service to customers.

Established in the Netherlands in 1870, Bolsius employ over 1000 people and export to more than 50 countries. Manufactured from pure raw materials and with optimal burning properties, Bolsius candles emit minimum smoke and soot which makes them a fantastic choice for commercial use.

Bolsius released their iconic Twilight range in 2009. Designed to emit a warm, magical glow, Bolsius Twilight candles create a delightful ambience.

An easy to relight wick, 70 hour burn time and alluring, robust shape make Bolsius Twilight candles a popular choice among catering and hospitality businesses. Furthermore, the curvaceous shaping shields the flame from the wind to ensure suitability in both indoor and outdoor environments.

With a fantastic selection available, view the Stephensons candle range online.

Duni Christmas Catering Equipment

Duni Christmas Catering Equipment

Duni Christmas tabletop products are sure to bring festive celebrations to life. The Duni range from Stephensons Christmas catering equipment suppliers is perfect for creating Christmas magic and impressing guests.

Click here for the 2015 Duni Christmas catering equipment range

  • Duni Christmas range includes: napkins, placemats, slipcovers, tete-a-tetes, tablerunners, Christmas crackers and more
  • Bring Christmas to life with Duni
  • Festive tabletop products in red, green, blue, cream and many other colours
  • Duni Christmas catering equipment from Stephensons catering equipment suppliersDuni Christmas Winter Feeling Blue

Stephensons catering equipment suppliers are excited for the forthcoming festive season and, with this Christmas set to exceed last Christmas for consumer spending, we expect this year’s festivities to be especially lucrative for the catering and hospitality industry. Our Duni Christmas catering equipment collection is sure to enliven the tabletop and make those Christmas festivities extra special.

Restaurants, pubs, bars, hotels and other members of the catering and hospitality industry are all preparing for Christmas 2015 celebrations and the Duni Christmas catering equipment range has been especially designed to bring magic to the tabletop.

Karin Nyhuis, Chief Designer at Duni, said, “The Duni Christmas collection is a versatile fusion of new and old. It combines handmade and urban touches, different combinations of materials, Nordic inspired patterns, tactile textures, natural imperfections and fresh colours.”Duni Christmas: Duni Festive Charme Velvet

With over 40 years experience, Duni are renowned for their quality products and outstanding attention to detail. With a reputation for producing high quality goods, Duni Christmas products are sure to offer excellent performance for catering and hospitality events this Christmas.

Duni Christmas patterns include: Festive Mood White, Festive Mood Black, Glittering Stars Red, Glittering Stars Green, Glittering Stars Cream, Wood Star and Malia.

For 2015, Stephensons catering equipment suppliers are proud to introduce new Christmas patterns: Festive Charme Red, Festive Charme Velvet, Winter Feeling Blue, Winter Feeling Red, Winter Craft, Christmas Gift Cream, Christmas Gift Red, Once Upon a Time and Michelangelo.

The Duni Christmas Crackers range includes an option for every budget. Duni Executive Crackers contribute to a truly memorable Christmas experience and are guaranteed not to disappoint. These Duni Christmas crackers include high quality gifts which are sure to keep guests happy and smiling throughout their celebrations.Duni Christmas: Duni Winter Feeling Red

Click here for the full 2015 Stephensons Christmas catering equipment range

2015 Rugby World Cup Party Essentials

2015 Rugby World Cup Party Essentials

The 2015 Rugby World Cup is almost here and Stephensons catering equipment suppliers are on hand to help you celebrate! Whether you’re preparing a pub, bar or planning your own event, Stephensons have everything you need to make this World Cup a memorable one.Rugby World Cup Catering Equipment

The 2015 Rugby World Cup starts on the 18th September and lasts 6 weeks. This year’s tournament will take place across 13 venues in 11 cities throughout England and Wales and presents a great opportunity for the catering and hospitality industry to excite customers and boost income.

Henry Stephenson, Managing Director of Stephensons, said, “The Rugby World Cup will be lucrative for pubs and bars during matches and the knock on effect for restaurants, cafes and take aways makes this a great occasion for the whole industry.”

Read more about Henry’s thoughts on how the Rugby World Cup will impact the catering and hospitality industry.Plastic Disposable Glasses- pubs living wage hospitality

Here are 5 catering equipment products that are sure to make your Rugby World Cup party a success:

  1. The Yard Of Ale is a must have for any rugby themed event. Forget the scrum, the yard of ale is the true test of manliness. With a classic yard of ale shape, this glass is a rugby party must have.
  2. Ideal for parties, these Plastic Jagerbomb Tumblers are sure to set the tone for your Rugby World Cup Party. With a Jagermeister shot glass incorporated into the design, pouring the correct measure is quick and easy.
  3. There are 2 uses for Tubtrugs at a rugby party; fill one with ice for chilling drinks and use another for empties (because a party doesn’t have to be messy).
  4. Glass Beer Boots are characterful and quirky. These are great for a relaxed beer when the game is on or, for more adventurous party goers, rugby drinking games.
  5. Win or lose, nothing says ‘party’ like Red Party Cups! These disposable cups are the perfect disposable option for any party. Lose the rugby? Why not make amends and win the post match beer pong?

These 2015 Rugby World Cup essentials are fantastic for themed events and parties. Be careful not to forget the everyday essentials too. Stephensons catering equipment suppliers stock cleaning supplies, disposable glassware, beer glasses, and much more.Rugby World Cup 2015 Catering Equipment

KFC serve up deep fried blue roll

KFC serve up deep fried blue roll

Stephensons catering equipment suppliers advise customers not to deep fat fry blue roll.

The warning comes after a mother was horrified to see that her seven year old step son was tucking into a deep-fried paper towel at the Killingworth branch of KFC.

Reports emerged with photos of what looked like fried chicken but closer inspection reveals a piece of blue hand roll!

Step mum, Krystal Henderson said: “I didn’t know where the blue roll had been because it was screwed up. Had someone wiped their hands on it, had it been used to wipe the floor?

“When he bit into it, it was rock hard. He pulled it out of his mouth and when he did, it pulled away the batter – you could see the blue roll inside.

A letter to Krystal read: “The blue tissue has most likely originated from a tissue roll used for KFC hygiene purposes.

“The store assume it must have fallen unseen into the breading lug that is under the sieve and was not noticed by the cook.”

A spokesperson for the franchise that operates KFC in Killingworth said: “We’re very sorry for Ms Henderson’s experience and apologised to her immediately, as well as giving her a refund at the time of the incident.

“We take food quality and hygiene very seriously and unfortunately, on this extremely rare occasion, our restaurant failed to meet the high standards that both we and our customers expect.

“We have retrained staff on our stringent food preparation procedures at this store to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

View the full article on the Mail Online for images of the new deep fried dish!

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In The Spotlight: Disposable Plastic Glasses

In The Spotlight: Disposable Plastic Glasses

Catering equipment suppliers Stephensons lead the way with amazing low prices on high quality disposable plastic glassware.

FestivalsBBQ’s and beer gardens, it’s officially that time of year when friends and family head out into the sunshine in search of a good time and cool drinks. This week we’ve enjoyed our first real serving of summer and with another Bank Holiday peering around the corner we thought that we should take a closer look at the disposable glassware available this summer.

Except there’s nothing cool about a flimsy plastic glasses which bend, split and crack. You know the sort, the ones that you can’t hold without spilling your drink everywhere. They put a downer on the summer vibe for your customers and, well they’re not a great advertisement for your business either.

No worries though because here at Stephensons we only stock high quality disposable glasses which have undergone stringent testing by ourselves to ensure that they are strong, durable and fit for commercial use.


Disposable plastic tumbler glasses and beer glasses

Our range of tumbler plastic glasses incorporates an extensive collection of great value disposable glassware and some of our best selling lines. Fit for purpose, this plastic glassware features excellent strength and durability at an affordable price.

Plastic beer glasses are the most popular line of disposable glassware during the summer. We can assure you that our disposable beer glasses are strong enough to be held without the fear of spilling beer. They are also shatter resistant, making them less likely to crack, split and leak.

We have recently introduced the red American party cup to the collection because no summer party is complete without them!


Premium disposable glasses

Available with a variety of non CE, CE and LCE options, these premium plastic glasses offer extreme strength and durability. These disposable glasses are injection moulded to offer a rigid feel and secure hold without compromise on the clarity of the glass. For enhanced drinking comfort, they also feature a rolled rim.


Disposable plastic shot, wine and champagne glasses

In addition to our extensive range of disposable plastic tumblers, we also stock disposable shot glasses, wine glasses and champagne glasses. We even stock a plastic disposable Jagerbomb shot glass!


There you have it, a fantastic collection of high quality disposable plastic glassware, fit for purpose and available from Stephensons at amazing low prices!

If you require reusable plastic glasses, don’t worry we’ve got you covered too! Look out for our brand new reusable plastic beer tankards, perfect for the growing trend of dimpled beer glasses!

For more information about any of our catering equipment and supplies, contact us on 0161 483 6256. Don’t forget that you can keep up to date with the latest products, offers and industry news via @HGStephensons on twitter and over on our facebook page.

Outdoor Catering – Hints And Tips For Success In The Sun

Outdoor Catering – Hints And Tips For Success In The Sun

The weather is gorgeous, the nights are long and the BBQ is calling!

Catering establishments with outdoor space can provide huge business benefits during the summer months and always prove popular to those looking for a good time in the sun.

However, trading outside requires careful attention to detail and forward planning. Stephensons catering equipment suppliers offer a checklist with practical advice on how to get the best out of your outdoor event.

First of all you will need to carry out a thorough risk assessment, this will help to prevent and control any hazards that are likely to occur during the event and are a legal requirement for most businesses.

Take a note of anything which may cause injury such as uneven paving and slippery surfaces from this you will be able to identify the risks and act upon them and control the risk.

Outside areas come under the Health & Safety at work legislation so it is essential that these areas are given the same care and attention as the interior premises.

It is always worth remembering that children are more susceptible to accidents and injury, particular attention must be given to play areas.

The BBQ itself will pose a number of risks so it is important that staff are fully trained to be deal with raw and cooked food and remember that they will be showcasing your business!

Keep food refrigerated until it is required for preparation or cooking and keep salads covered with cling film.

It’s vital that all food is cooked thoroughly; do not serve raw meat even if it has been requested by the customer. Use a digital thermometer temperature probe to ensure the internal temperature of meat and poultry reaches a minimum of 75 degrees, remember to disinfect the probes each time before use with probe wipes.

Stephensons have large stocks of paper and disposables suitable for professional catering businesses. You will likely to need plenty of napkins, plastic glasses, disposable plates, bowls, platters and disposable cutlery.