You’ve Been Drinking Gin & Tonic Wrong!

Gin is most certainly ‘in’. From the gin festivals sprouting up all over the country to the 16% increase in sales last year that smashed the £1billion figure for the first time in UK history. It’s clear as day to see. Not since the Gin Craze in the 18th century has Britain been so infatuated with Madam Geneva.

Despite the increase in sales, there hasn’t been an equal increase in the accurate way to consume the delightful, juniper-based spirit. More often than not, if you order a good ol’ G&T in a bar, you’ll be served your request in a tall Tom Collins style glass. This though, is a sore mistake to make. With a long tall glass, you’re stifling the gin. You’re oppressing the gin. You’re not giving the gin room to breathe!

Literally though… to ensure you get the most out of this stylish spirit, a different glass has to be used. The solution – A glass with a balloon shaped bowl. Also known as the ‘Copa De Balon’, this bulbous-type glass dates back to 16th century Spain and was quite popular in speakeasies during prohibition America. It also happens to be one of gin’s best friends, after tonic perhaps.

The reason it works so well for gin is all down to the bowl, or balloon contour. The bulbous shape works to enhance and spread the botanicals, which makes for a wonderful aroma. The larger capacity also means that ice will melt much slower which eliminates the issues of quick dilution and taste weakening. The greater volume also allows for more fruit and garnishes which really help enrich the gin drinking experience.

Here at Stephensons, we’ve handpicked a selection of suitable vessels that incorporate the balloon-esque shape. The glasses listed below should help you on your way to getting the most out of your gin!

Gin-credible! - 2016 Gin Statistics

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US Exports up (last decade)

Gin & Tonics Sold 2016

Party Stemmed Gin Glass

This party gin glass from Arcoroc features the bulbous, balloon shaped bowl that will permit you to enjoy a gin in the best manner possible. The wide aperture allows for easy filling and a robust stem means this glass is more than capable of withstanding the rigours of a busy commercial environment.
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Speakeasy Gin Glass

Boasting an air of elegance, twinned with premium quality, this Speakeasy style glass will enhance the drinking experience for your guests and is ideal for the growing trend for gin and flavoured spirits.
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Enoteca Gin Glass

The Enoteca Gin Glass offers a simple silhouette but is packed with features to enhance the gin & tonic drinking experience. The large bowl of this glass has enough room for large ice cubes and garnishing, the stem prevents hot hands touching the glass and warming the drink up whilst the tapered edge prevents the aromas of the beverage escaping too quickly.
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Juniper Stemmed Gin Glass

With a full rounded open bowl, these Juniper Stemmed Gin Glasses have an elegant yet bold tabletop presence. This large bowl is ideal for holding ice, garnishes and the other ingredients that make your signature gin so special.
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