A Happy 30th Birthday to Kirsty Millward!

A Happy 30th Birthday to Kirsty Millward!

We’d like everybody to join us today in wishing Stephenson’s very own Kirsty … a happy 30th birthday!


For thirteen years Kirsty has been a hardworking, dedicated and enthusiastic member of the team who’s always happy to lend a hand or a smile. Kirsty started out in the sales department where she spent ten years advising customers over the phone, before moving to her current position in the cash & carry department where she has been whizzing around making the Stephenson’s on-site store an all around better, brighter place for the past three years!

Commenting on the key differences between sales and cash & carry, Kirsty thoughtfully said “They are different challenges. Sales is a lot of mental work, whereas cash and carry is more focused on physicality and individual interactions.” When asked about her favourite aspects of the role, Kirsty highlighted taking on challenges such as “Big projects, new racking and tackling the christmas chaos!”. The worst part? – “Because I’m a happy person, I hate when orders go wrong because it is never nice to let customers down”. From a customer perspective, you couldn’t really ask for a better response could you?

For a bit of fun and to celebrate Kirsty’s big day, we decided to put her under a bit of pressure and ask her a quick fire round of questions that we’ve aptly named – ’30 for thirty’. Read the answers below and if you happen to bump into Kirsty today, make sure you warmly wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Here’s to wishing Kirsty a great day,

Everyone from the Stephenson’s team x

30 for Thirty!

  1. Cat or dog? – DOG
  2. Crisps or chocolate? – CHOCOLATE
  3. Mac or PC? – MAC
  4. Lucozade or coke? – COKE
  5. Coffee or Tea? – TEA
  6. Cash & Carry or Warehouse? – CASH & CARRY
  7. Henry or Julian? – JULIAN
  8. Tuna Pasta or Chinese? – TUNA PASTA
  9. Going out or staying in? – STAYING IN
  10. Dinner or dessert? DESSERT
  11. Netflix or Youtube? – NETFLIX
  12. Facebook or Twitter? – FACEBOOK
  13. Pen or pencil? – PENCIL
  14. Game of Thrones or Pokemon – It took some deliberation but it was finally settled on POKEMON
  15. Train or Plane? – PLANE
  16. Aaron or Chris North? – In a brutal blow as Aaron watched on, Kirsty went for CHRIS NORTH
  17. TV or book? – BOOK
  18. Winter or summer? – SUMMER
  19. Dine out or takeaway? – TAKEAWAY
  20. Beer or cider? – CIDER
  21. Circle or square? – CIRCLE
  22. City or country? – COUNTRY
  23. Call or text? – TEXT
  24. Greggs or McDonalds? – GREGGS
  25. Jason Momoa or Kit Harrington? – JASON MOMOA
  26. Fudge cake or vanilla slice? – FUDGE CAKE
  27. Running or weights? – WEIGHTS
  28. Day or Night? – NIGHT
  29. Christian or Jordan? … … SHELL
  30. And finally… The most important question… Till 1 or Till 2? TILL 2!
Hiring: Warehouse Apprentice

Hiring: Warehouse Apprentice

With an illustrious history dating back to 1868, Stephensons have been supplying the catering and hospitality industry for almost 150 years.

Stephensons are renowned for their innovative, exciting products and are often first to market with the latest trends from leading suppliers such as Churchill, Dudson, Steelite, Villeroy & Boch, Duni and Artis.

Alongside tableware, Stephensons also supply back of house and capital equipment. The company invested in a demonstration kitchen in 2016 to replicate a commercial environment. With limited seating and an informal, friendly atmosphere, Stephensons host demonstrations from RATIONAL, Robot Coupe and other distinguished manufacturers.

Start Date



Reports To



Working Hours

Monday & Tuesday: 10:00am – 6:30pm
Wednesday – Friday: 9:00am – 5:30pm
1 in 6 Saturdays: 9:30am – 3:00pm

Hours may vary according to business needs



Details upon application.

We pay above minimum apprentice rates.

Warehouse Picking
  • Accurately pick a variety of products
  • Cross reference item code and supplier code to ensure correct product is picked
  • Leave picked goods on the correct loading bay neatly
  • Pick as quickly and accurately as possible
  • Highlight any short items to Goods In Supervisor
  • Highlight any coding or quality issues to Goods In Supervisor
Packing Goods
  • Pack products to ensure that items are protected and not damaged in transit
  • Ensure suitable boxes are used
  • Confirm items are ready for dispatch using computer system
  • Shred waste paper products and recycle as packaging material
  • Prepare packaging materials for busy periods
Other Duties
  • Assist in keeping the warehouse clean and tidy
  • Empty bins using plastic and cardboard compactor machines
  • Fill up empty picking bin locations when required
  • Uniform provided
  • Staff discount in cash and carry
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Opportunities for progression
  • Supportive working environment

Up to the job? We are accepting applicants of all skill levels.

Send your CV to our HR Manager: clairh@stephensons.com

Serve Your Coffee With a Conscience

Serve Your Coffee With a Conscience

Coffee is officially the most popular drink on the planet. With over two billion cups consumed worldwide every single day, and an estimated 55 million drank daily in the UK alone, it’s official – we love coffee. And what’s not to love about a piping hot, flavourful caffeine kick? For many of us the day doesn’t start, or at least we don’t function, till we’ve been snapped into consciousness by a good old warming coffee. 

This love affair with coffee has resulted in a café-culture boom. Every single high street now seems to be pandering to our coffee addiction with new cafes and stores seemingly popping up everywhere. In fact, the UK coffee shop market is currently enjoying its biggest period of growth since 2008. And this widespread popularity is evident – just look at the tube, public transport or any city street during the hours of 7am – 10am and you’ll be drowned in a sea of coffee cups. Again at lunch, swarms will wander to the nearest caffeine-touting counter, grab a cup of coffee and leave. For many it’s a daily routine. Unfortunately, it’s a harmful one. These cups have to go somewhere, and that somewhere happens to often be a landfill.

Figures from a 2015 study by Cardiff University claim that 2.5 billion disposable cups a year are discarded. Of that massive number, it is estimated that only one in 400 is actually recycled, the rest are destined for our already brimming landfills. Some bigger companies such as Starbucks and Costa have made some efforts to reduce the effect on the environment by offering to recycle their customer’s cups, unfortunately due to a polyethylene coating, these cups are very difficult to recycle.

Fortunately, there is a solution. A solution that has all the benefits of a regular disposable coffee cup, yet is entirely environmentally friendly. This sustainable solution is the Vegware cup.

This award-winning cup is made from two layers of sustainably sourced board and instead of nasty plastic, they are insulated by plant based PLA. Here is a 100% recyclable and 100% compostable cup that doesn’t pail in comparison to a disposable. In a world where eco-consciousness is rapidly becoming one of the most important aspects for consumers, one simple change to compostable cups can do a world of good for your business and, more importantly, the environment. Click the link below to see our range of compostable cups AND entirely compostable lids, to help you save the environment one cup at a time.

You’ve Been Drinking Gin & Tonic Wrong!

You’ve Been Drinking Gin & Tonic Wrong!

Gin is most certainly ‘in’. From the gin festivals sprouting up all over the country to the 16% increase in sales last year that smashed the £1billion figure for the first time in UK history. It’s clear as day to see. Not since the Gin Craze in the 18th century has Britain been so infatuated with Madam Geneva.

Despite the increase in sales, there hasn’t been an equal increase in the accurate way to consume the delightful, juniper-based spirit. More often than not, if you order a good ol’ G&T in a bar, you’ll be served your request in a tall Tom Collins style glass. This though, is a sore mistake to make. With a long tall glass, you’re stifling the gin. You’re oppressing the gin. You’re not giving the gin room to breathe!

Literally though… to ensure you get the most out of this stylish spirit, a different glass has to be used. The solution – A glass with a balloon shaped bowl. Also known as the ‘Copa De Balon’, this bulbous-type glass dates back to 16th century Spain and was quite popular in speakeasies during prohibition America. It also happens to be one of gin’s best friends, after tonic perhaps.

The reason it works so well for gin is all down to the bowl, or balloon contour. The bulbous shape works to enhance and spread the botanicals, which makes for a wonderful aroma. The larger capacity also means that ice will melt much slower which eliminates the issues of quick dilution and taste weakening. The greater volume also allows for more fruit and garnishes which really help enrich the gin drinking experience.

Here at Stephensons, we’ve handpicked a selection of suitable vessels that incorporate the balloon-esque shape. The glasses listed below should help you on your way to getting the most out of your gin!

Gin-credible! - 2016 Gin Statistics

Bottles Sold


Sales Rise From 2015


US Exports up (last decade)

Gin & Tonics Sold 2016

Party Stemmed Gin Glass

This party gin glass from Arcoroc features the bulbous, balloon shaped bowl that will permit you to enjoy a gin in the best manner possible. The wide aperture allows for easy filling and a robust stem means this glass is more than capable of withstanding the rigours of a busy commercial environment.
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Speakeasy Gin Glass

Boasting an air of elegance, twinned with premium quality, this Speakeasy style glass will enhance the drinking experience for your guests and is ideal for the growing trend for gin and flavoured spirits.
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Enoteca Gin Glass

The Enoteca Gin Glass offers a simple silhouette but is packed with features to enhance the gin & tonic drinking experience. The large bowl of this glass has enough room for large ice cubes and garnishing, the stem prevents hot hands touching the glass and warming the drink up whilst the tapered edge prevents the aromas of the beverage escaping too quickly.
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Juniper Stemmed Gin Glass

With a full rounded open bowl, these Juniper Stemmed Gin Glasses have an elegant yet bold tabletop presence. This large bowl is ideal for holding ice, garnishes and the other ingredients that make your signature gin so special.
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Waste Not, Want Not – Real Junk Food Manchester Opens Its Doors

Waste Not, Want Not – Real Junk Food Manchester Opens Its Doors

It is estimated that around 15 million tonnes of perfectly edible food is thrown away each year in the UK alone. When so many people across the country are going hungry, this really is quite a difficult fact to comprehend. In the heart of Manchester, an establishment is looking to make a difference…

The Real Junk Food Project is a not-for-profit model that intercepts and uses food that would otherwise be thrown away. Founded in Leeds, the project has gone on to host successful pop-ups across the country. With a focus on providing nutritious meals to those who might not be able to afford it, their eateries operate with a ‘pay-as-you-feel’ policy.

The Manchester branch has been running since 2014 and has now found a home at 85 Oxford Street with the unique eatery opening its doors to anyone and everyone through a soft launch taking place from Tuesday 5th September. With an admirable ethos, it is no surprise that volunteer electricians, plumbers and artists were quick to answer the call and get the 40-cover restaurant space looking spick and span for its opening. Sticking to the sustainable spirit, much of the restaurant’s furniture has also been upcycled.

As a beautifully hand-illustrated mural on the wall espouses, the project wants to ‘feed bellies, not bins’. Commenting on this very real problem of discarded (yet usable) produce in the UK, director Corin Bell sets out a mission statement – “While there is food being wasted, we’ll do our best to use it”.

Five days a week, Real Junk Food Manchester will provide a constantly changing breakfast and lunch menu with meals entirely composed of ingredients that were set to be wasted. Experienced chefs will transform the food that was destined for dumping into healthy, hearty recipes for all to enjoy. Ethical coffee, provided by local firm Second City, is also available on the street level seating area.

Here at Stephenson’s, we are happy to be supplying such a great cause and implore you to go down and take a look. Opening times will be 12-3pm, Tuesday – Friday for the first week (5-8th Sep), with extended operating hours due to follow shortly. Real Junk Food Manchester is open to the public, with those attending merely asked to pay what they can afford. For more information on this terrific project, please visit www.realjunkfoodmanchester.co.uk.