Catering equipment suppliers, Stephensons are urging the public to view this shocking CCTV footage captured last weekend at its Stockport-based cash and carry.

The disturbing footage, which has now been released to the public, has left staff at Stephensons in shock.

Despite initial thoughts that this may be a hoax, experts have now analysed the coverage and confirmed that the CCTV footage is genuine.

The CCTV video, which can be seen below, has caused dispute on social media as experts offer possible explanations in to what has been described by Paul Gill on facebook as “the most scariest thing I have ever seen in my life.”

The Directors at Stephensons are said to have an open mind as to what happened last weekend.

If you have experienced similar sightings or need to talk to someone having seen this footage, please call Ghostbusters on 555-2368.

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