The Catering Insight Power List 2015 selects the top 50 influencers in the catering industry today. Featuring in the category of Industry Innovators, Henry Stephenson has been recognised as ‘setting benchmarks in the pursuit of professional excellence.’Catering Insight Power List Catering Hospitality Stephensons

Henry said, “It’s great for Stephensons to be recognised as an innovative catering equipment supplier. We strive to supply products that are up to date so we can lead the way when it comes to innovation.

“However, we also have strong links to the past. Being almost 150 years old, Stephensons have a rich and illustrious history and we are proud to provide a mixture of both traditional and contemporary equipment. We have a strong ethos about not resting on our laurels and are always looking to improve.”

Identified for being pioneering and inventive, Stephensons are described as having a ‘high-tech Stockport warehouse, which Henry expanded by 10,000 square feet, processing over 10,000 product lines; 4,000 of them in stock at any one time. This facility is the foundation of HG Stephenson’s ecommerce business, which acts as a 24-hour shop for everything from ice trays to oven ranges.’

Henry said, “We are proud of our cash & carry and it gives customers the chance to physically see, touch and feel our vast range of catering equipment. We carry an extensive and diverse range of stock and our friendly staff have unparalleled expertise.”

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